SAS EuroBonus Status Match (Challenge) to Gold for Members of 4 Frequent Flyer Programs

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SAS Scandinavian Airlines is switching from the Star Alliance to its competitor, SkyTeam. So everyone is trying to get SAS’ loyal Star Alliance passengers: e.g. Miles&More offers a status match for SAS frequent flyers and is giving away Senator status.

Now SAS itself is offering a simple status match again. Anyone who currently has a frequent flyer status with Miles&More, Miles&Smiles, British Airways or Finnair will be matched to Silver or Gold with SAS EuroBonus.

The status is initially valid until March 2025, but can easily be extended until 2026. This requires 2 or 5 flights with SAS. An application can only be made using the following Microsoft form:


The link may not look very legit at first glance, but it comes from an email from SAS. We tried it ourselves and can confirm that we received a response directly from SAS.

As a EuroBonus frequent flyer, you can still benefit from the advantages of a Star Alliance status until August 31. From September 1, 2024, the EuroBonus status will become SkyTeam Elite (Plus) status with corresponding advantages at KLM, Delta, Korean Air, etc.

Offered Matches

The match will be offered until August 30, 2024 to frequent flyers of four programs. Flying Blue is sadly not on the list this time, but Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles is an interesting addition.

These are the options:

  • From British Airways:
    • Executive Club Ruby → SAS EuroBonus Silver
    • Executive Club Silver → SAS EuroBonus Gold
    • Executive Club Gold → SAS EuroBonus Gold
  • From Finnair:
    • Finnair Plus Silver → SAS EuroBonus Silver
    • Finnair Plus Gold → SAS EuroBonus Gold
    • Finnair Plus Platinum (Lumo) → SAS EuroBonus Gold
  • From Miles&More:
    • Frequent Traveller → SAS EuroBonus Silver
    • Senator → SAS EuroBonus Gold
    • HON Circle Member → SAS EuroBonus Gold
  • From Turkish Airlines:
    • Miles&Smiles Classic Plus → SAS EuroBonus Silver
    • Miles&Smiles Elite → SAS EuroBonus Gold
    • Miles&Smiles Elite Plus → SAS EuroBonus Gold

Status validity & extension by one year

After the match, the newly acquired EuroBonus status is initially valid until March 31, 2025. It is not necessary to take a flight with SAS.

If you want to extend the status beyond that, you must board an SAS aircraft. With two or five SAS flights, the status can be extended until 2026. It is then valid:

  1. Until the end of the respective qualification year
  2. and also the full next qualification year

The exact period varies depending on the SAS account. With SAS EuroBonus, each status member has their own membership year that is not related to the calendar year. This then determines exactly how long the SAS Silver or Gold status is valid after the match has taken place.

Depending on the account, it is usually a date sometime in 2026. How long exactly will also depend on how SAS counts. If the qualification year ends in January 2025, but the flights are flown in February 2025, will there be an extension until January 2026 or even 2027? Probably the former.

To extend the status validity you have to have a certain number of SAS flights by March 31, 2025:

  • 2 SAS segments for EuroBonus Silver
  • 5 SAS segments for EuroBonus Gold

You could fly the required 5 segments with a single trip to Scandinavia. For instance, with the following routing for €169:


This time the implementation is a little different than the for the last status match campaign. The status match is processed via a form in Microsoft Office Forms:

There, you have to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of residence
  • Email address
  • Your current program
  • Your current status
  • Frequent flyer number at your current program
  • SAS EuroBonus frequent flyer number

You do not need to upload proof at this stage. SAS may check this automatically using the frequent flyer number provided. If requested, you may need to send a photo of your frequent flyer card, a screenshot of your last few flights, a photo of your passport, etc.


There is currently a discrepancy in the form. The only options available are Star Alliance Silver, Star Alliance Gold, Oneworld Ruby, and Oneworld Emerald. We recommend that you simply select Emerald as an Oneworld Sapphire, as both levels are treated the same for this match anyway.

After a few hours or days, you should receive confirmation of the match by email. It will then take up to two weeks for the status to be adjusted in your customer account:

Perks of EuroBonus

Participants will get matched to either SAS EuroBonus Silver or Gold. With your shiny new tier, the following perks await you:

EuroBonus Silver

EuroBonus Silver usually requires 20,000 Basic Points or 10 flights during a membership year. It comes with the following perks:

  • On SAS and Wideroe1 flights:
    • An extra 23 kg checked bag (not when booking Economy / Go Light fares for flights before September 2024)
    • Priority Check-in
    • 10% more Basic Points
    • Bids for Upgrades are increased by 10%
  • On Star Alliance flights (Star Alliance Silver) before September 2024:
    • Higher waitlist priority
  • On SkyTeam flights (SkyTeam Elite) from September 2024:
    • An additional piece of checked luggage
    • Preferred seats (depending on the airline)
    • Priority check-in & boarding

EuroBonus Gold

EuroBonus Gold usually requires 45,000 Basic Points or 45 flights during a membership year. It comes with the following perks:

  • On SAS and Wideroe1 flights:
    • Two extra 23 kg checked bags (not when booking Economy / Go Light fares before September 2024)
    • Lounge access (+1 guest or 4 family members; also arriving after a long-haul flight)
    • Priority check-in & Boarding
    • Free seat selection, (no extra-legroom seats)
    • Unlimited inflight Wi-Fi (short- and long-haul)
    • Security fast-track
    • Guaranteed seating up to 24h / 48h before departure (with restrictions in the most expensive fare)
    • 25% more Basic Points
    • Free cabin bags on light fares
    • Priority customer service (hotline and email)
    • Bids for Upgrades are increased by 20%
  • On Star Alliance flights (Star Alliance Gold) before September 2024:
    • An extra 23 kg checked bag (some light fares are excluded)
    • Lounge access (+1 guest on the same flight)
    • Priority boarding & check-in
    • Security fast-track
  • On SkyTeam flights (SkyTeam Elite Plus) from September 2024:
    • An additional piece of luggage
    • Preferred seats (depending on the airline)
    • Lounge access on international flights (+ 1 guest)
    • Guaranteed availability on long-haul flights in Y booking class, up to 24h before departure
    • Priority check-in, boarding, security, and luggage handling

1 – Regional carrier Wideroe is set to be purchased by Norwegian. These perks will most likely apply to SAS flights only in the future.

SAS EuroBonus’ tiers.

Thanks to our sources Flyertalk and

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Comments (25)

  1. Dave Leung says:

    I have successfully matched to the EuroBonus GOLD from BA GOLD.
    However, the qualification period is marked as 1JUL 2024 – 30JUN 2025.
    And it is already saying the current status expiry date is SEP 2026.
    In this case, am I still required to fly 5 sectors to maintain the membership til 2026?

    • Mark Bunse says:

      Dear Dave, exactly the same mail i have received as a BA Gold member, same qualification and status validity. It would be nice if someone knows if that means no 5 flights with SAS are needed and that the status is valid until 30/09/2026? Thanks in advance.

  2. David says:

    This is a fraudulent link. The real status match is now available on

  3. Mikael Svensson says:

    WARNING!!! Fraud, phishing!!!

  4. Siim says:

    Maybe this post here has caused a policy change at SAS. 🙂 In short – not available any more. I wrote to SAS on Oct 29 and just now (Nov 13) got the following response:

    Hi Siim,

    Thank you for your request for Tier status match in SAS EuroBonus program. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this possibility any longer.
    We thank you for your interest.

    Kind Regards

    SAS Customer Service

  5. KAVI says:

    Sent request on Oct 25 with Miles and More Senator Card an got the rejection email on Nov 2:
    „Betreff: RE: SAS Eurobonus Gold Status Request EB # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi xxxxxxxx
    Thank you for your request for Tier Status Match in SAS Eurobonus program. Unfortunately, we do not offer this possibility any longer.
    We thank you for your interest.
    Best Regards,
    SAS Customer Service“

  6. AK says:


    Does SAS status match to any other airlines other than Finnair, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa? I tried to match AA Platinum Pro, Delta Platinum, Virgin Atlantic Silver and LATAM Black and was declined for all of them.

  7. Cathy says:

    Unfortunately, it did not work with Privilege Club of Qatar Airways

  8. Liisa Rantakari-Elliott says:

    Hi! I have platinum card at Finnair. I like to apply SAS gold card, because I would like to travel in Scandinavia countries in near future and Finnair timetable are not so good

  9. Martin L says:

    Great opportunity! I matched from AY Plat to EB Gold and received the status with validity to until Dec. 2025 (!). My EB account was made yesterday.

  10. Risto says:

    This actually Works. I got by gold status within The same day.😀

  11. sebastian bigatti says:

    as per SAS Gold Service, they are also matching BA (Silver-Premier), Lufthansa (Sen and Hon) and Flying Blue (Gold/Platinum).

  12. Alf Karlstroem says:

    Lounge access upon arrival is only available for SAS Eurobonus Diamond members not Gold.

    The extra checked baggage allowance when travelling on Star Alliance partners is 32 kg when travelling in Business or First class. When travelling on an SAS flight in Business class the extra checked baggage allowance is 2 additional bags at 32 kg.

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