Turbopass Discount: 10% Off Rome City Passes in June

Turbopass is offers ticket bundles for a selection of cities worldwide. With a one-time payment, you will receive access to the most famous sights and cultural venues of a specific city. In some instances, you can even use public transport with the ticket.

Until June 30, 2024, you can enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing a Rome city pass for trips in June.

10% Turbopass Coupon ✄ show & open DEALZ10Open Turbopass
Valid until June 30, 2024, on Rome city passes for travel in June.
Valid until June 30, 2024, on Rome city passes for travel in June.

You need to select a travel date in June to benefit from the code.

With our exclusive discount code, you can score the following prices:

  • 1 day pass for €99
  • 2 day pass for €125
  • 3 day pass for €138
  • 4 day pass for €130
  • 5 day pass for €139
  • 7 day pass for €148

The same thing we conclude for our example in Venice below also applies to Rome: When purchasing a one or two day pass, you will most likely pay more than what you would when purchasing tickets individually. For longer stays, the turbo pass offers good to great value-for-money.

You can currently purchase a Turbopass for the following cities:

A Closer Look at Turbopass

To check the validity of the offer, we took a closer look at the Venice city pass. It comes in three categories: Starter, Classic and Complete. The cheapest costs €67.40, including the advertised discount. As the passes get more expensive, the offers included get more comprehensive as well. All passes are valid for seven consecutive days after a chosen start date, so you have enough time to explore all the attractions included.

The famous Doge’s Palace (regular entrance fee €25 alongside some other attractions) is included in the most basic version, as well as Gondola ride to check the cliché list.

image 412
Some prices seem outdated, but it still adds up in total.

At an extra-cost, you can include the majority of public transport in Venice, although certain exceptions apply (like getting to or from the airport to the city). In this case, the price for the option is ridiculous, as you will struggle to spend the extra-cost of €23 for public transport on a single day or even €68 for seven days.

Verdict: If you want to spend several days in Venice, the discounted Starter pass can save you money when visiting all the attractions and take advantage of some of the activities included. When spending just a single day or two, you will save more money by purchasing entrance tickets individually, since you simply won’t have the time to enjoy all sights included in the pass.

Redeem Turbopass Discount Code

The first thing you need to do is select a pass you want to purchase. Then proceed to the order screen. If your discount is bound to a specific travel period, you must enter your arrival before applying the discount code.

Redeem Turbopass Discount I

Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter the discount code:

Redeem Turbopass Discount II

If the code is valid, a message pops up to confirm that the code has been applied. However, you need to refresh the screen to see the discounted price.

Redeem Turbopass Discount III

Cover Picture: by Claudio Hirschberger / unsplash.com

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