Yesim Code: €5 Credit for eSIM Fares in 125 Countries

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Yesim is one of the many entrants on the ever-growing eSIM market. The company was kind enough to issue a discount code that allows travel-dealz readers to get a €5 credit to spend on eSIM fares. Yesim offers fares and packages for 125 countries around the globe.

Before using the coupon, you need to create an account and add the code to your wallet as a new customer:

€5 Yesim Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Open Yesim
Valid until withdrawn.
Valid until withdrawn.

Using the code will result in 500 Ycoins credited to your account, which are worth €5. You can use these Ycoins to discount eSIM purchases:

Using Ycoins to discount eSIMs.

Get €5 for Free When Topping Up

When you top up your account for 1,000 Ycoins (=€10) the first time, Yesim credits 500 additional Ycoins (=€5) for free.

Yesim Topup
500 Ycoins bonus for your first top up.

How Yesim Works

Yesim allows you to scroll through their portfolio and purchase eSIMs once you have been registered.


Upon purchase, Yesim will ask you if your selected eSIM shall be activated upon purchase or later. The option is set to upon purchase by default. We strongly recommend choosing later, as this gives you 365 days to activate the eSIM, preventing any accidental use and loss of data.

In order to use the purchased eSIM you need to download the Yesim app for iOS r Android. The app allows you to install the eSIM directly to your phone.

This is actually a huge advantage of Yesim: You don’t need to switch eSIMs depending on the country you’re visiting. You can just purchase different data packages for your eSIM and load them using the app.

Yesim Fares and Packages

Yesim offers fares for 125 individual counties, as well as packages like EU with 31 countries or CIS with 7 countries.

The company also offer a Pay as you go option. When choosing this option, the company charges you a fixed priced for every GB of data you start to use. Fro example, you’d pay €4.50 per 1 GB in the USA or Switzerland. Other countries are far more expensive, as you can expect to pay up to €53 per 1 GB.

Our eSIM comparison will give you the necessary information to find out which package suits you best:

Redeem Yesim Code

After setting up your account, you can add the code to your wallet:

Redeem your Yesim code to get Ycoins.

After that, Ycoins will be credited to your account, with 1 Ycoin worth roughly 1 euro cent. You can individually select on which eSIMs you want to spend your Ycoins:

Spend your Ycoins on eSIMs.

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