Johannesburg: €436 Air Algérie Flights from France & Belgium (2×23 Kg Checked Luggage)

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You can currently fly to Johannesburg from Brussels, Lyon, Marseille and Paris for only €377, including 2 pieces of checked luggage. On the outbound trip, you’ll have to spend around 19 hours in Algiers (unless you depart from Paris on a Thursday or Sunday) – but it’s also a nice opportunity to explore the Algerian capital, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be considered a downside. You can even spend various days in Algiers for the same price if you want.


Be aware that most European citizens need a visa to enter Algeria. This visa should be requested at the embassy at least 4 weeks before your trip.

Our calendar displays all available dates for trips of up to 28 days. Remember that you can only avoid spending one (or more) nights in Algiers by departing from Paris on Thursday or Sunday.


You will first fly to Algiers, where you have to stay for at least one night (hotel not included) – except if you fly from Paris on a Thursday or Sunday. From there, an Air Algérie Airbus A330 will fly you to Johannesburg. On the way back, you’ll have a normal layover in Algiers of around 3 hours.

Search & Book

This deal expires on February 29, 2024. The only other restriction mentioned in the fare rules is that your stay cannot exceed 3 months. Departures are available from February to October with blackout dates in July.

Our calendar above displays all available dates for trips of up to 4 weeks. For longer trips, check out Google Flights. You can find the cheapest prices on our calendar above or in Skyscanner. From there, you can either be redirected to an online travel agency, or to Air Algerie’s website.

Why is booking with an airline better than with an online travel agency?

More often than not, online travel agencies offer lower fares than airlines do. We still recommend booking with the airlines directly. There are two main reasons for that:

Better Customer Service
In case any problems like delays, cancellations or missed connections arise, you can communicate directly with the airline. The airline has to take care of you because you have a contract with them.

If a travel agency issues your ticket, you may have to reach out to them first. You also depend on your OTA to forward information like flight changes instead of receiving them directly from the airline. In many cases, you may get a prime exhibition of responsibility shifting rather than problem-solving.

This especially applies to premium tickets. You don’t want to spend more than €1,000 to wind up with some budget OTA’s telephone hotline in case anything goes wrong.

Baggage and Other Fees
Economy fares not including hold luggage are industry standard by now. In most cases, travel agencies charge much higher baggage fees than the airlines themselves. If bags are not included in your fare, airlines are often the cheaper alternative.

This also applies to other things like food services, insurances or priority treatment. In almost all cases, you pay less for additional amenities when booking on the airlines’ website.

Adding a Stopover in Algiers

If you wish to add a stopover in Algiers on the way out, you’ll have to use the multi-stop search. First, select a date to fly to Algiers (any date from Paris, but only Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from Brussels), then another date for the flight from Algiers to Johannesburg – keeping in mind that Air Algérie only offers that flight on Thursdays and Sundays. Then add the flight back to Paris/Brussels – either on a Thursday (to Brussels OR Paris) or on a Monday (only to Paris).

Here’s a prefilled multi-stop search form:

multi ah ory
€453, spending 2 nights in Algiers before flying on to Johannesburg


As Air Algérie doesn’t belong to any alliance, you won’t earn any miles with these flights.


Information & Tips for South Africa

South Africa is the touristically most visited country in the south of Africa. Whether its Safaris, tours of wine regions or the Table Mountain – visitors won’t be disappointed!

Traditionally, flights from Europa to South Africa have been quite expensive. In recent years however, airlines such as Iberia, Egyptair and British Airways have been offering cheaper and cheaper flights – even in premium cabins! If you are flexible in regards to your point of departure, the array of airlines with cheap tickets becomes even greater.

Best Time to Visit

South Africa is a huge country and therefore doesn’t have a single best time to visit. It really depends on what you want to see. The cities Johannesburg and Cape Town have the best weather in Fall (March – Mai) and Spring (September – November).

Climate diagram for Cape Town (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)
Climate diagram for Johannesburg (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)
Climate diagram for Durban (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)

Immigration & Visa Requirements

If you have a valid EU passport and a valid return ticket, you will be given a visitor’s visa with a validity of 90 days. Turn to the ministry of foreign affairs of your country for more information.


The currency used in South Africa is the Rand (ZAR). One Euro are approximately 16 ZAR. Make sure to use a credit card that does not charge high fees for withdrawals or payments in foreign currencies.

Finding the Best eSIM Plan

We’ve compared various eSIM providers, such as Airalo and BNESIM. To see which plan is best for your travel needs, and which network offers the best coverage, feel free to read our detailed guide:

The Best eSIM Plans for South Africa 🇿🇦 Compared

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Information & Tips for Johannesburg

Johannesburg has 9,6 million inhabitants and is the largest city and most important business and financial center in Africa south of the Sahara. The city is well connected to Europe by air, flights for under 500€ (round trip) are becoming increasingly more common.

Best Time to Travel

The best times to visit Johannesburg are during fall (March – May) and during spring (September – Novemver). Temperatures are warm but pleasant and rainfall is comparatively rare.

From the Airport to the City

One possibility is taking the Gautrain, a type of local commuter rail. A trip to the city center takes about 25 minutes and costs approximately 12€. Taking a cab or an Uber runs you about 18€ to 24€.

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Cover Picture: Photo by Tembinkosi Sikupela on Unsplash

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Comments (2)

  1. Cark says:

    Would not recommend
    No Entertainment screen, no legroom, horrible transit experience etc – there is also a Trip Report on Youtube from the channel “Simply Aviation”
    According to Flightradar, all recent flights from Algiers to Johannesburg (flight no AH5360) have been cancelled.

  2. Hans says:

    AirAlgerie never ever again. Flew with them in business.

    On the transit you have to wait 60-90 mins to „immigrate“ and get you new ticket. They need all your personal informations! Passport number, parents name, last stay etc. You write them on paper and leave them in ALG.

    All baggage was delayed and best thing: The suitcase was opened and something was stolen. So if really want to fly with them. Wrapping your stuff!

    The delay baggage you have to pick up by yourself. They don’t bring it to your hotel in Paris!

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