Bundle&Go: Buy Miles&More Miles with 40% Bonus (1.25 Cents per Mile)

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There are a variety of ways to purchase points and miles for loyalty programs. Miles&More, a program originated by Lufthansa and now covering five major airlines in Europe, offers multiple means to get those sweet award miles. One of them is called Bundle&Go, which allows you to purchase miles alongside a bunch of (mostly useless) other perks.

Currently, you get 40% mileage value on top of each bundle, allowing you to purchase 140,000 Miles&More Miles for €1,750, resulting in a decent value of 1.25 Euro cents per mile. While there were better offers last year, this is the best offer we have come across in 2024.

You can choose between three bundles:

  • Large: 140,000 miles for €1,750 (1.25 cpm)
  • Medium: 70,000 miles for €1,000 (1.43 cpm)
  • Small: 15,000 miles for €250 (1.79 cpm)
Buy MandM Bundle 1

Terms & Conditions

If you want to get the 40% extra miles, you have to purchase a bundle before April 30, 2024. You will receive your miles within five workdays (sometimes instantly) but must respect the limit of 500,000 miles that can be purchased yearly. You can find the full terms and conditions for the promotion here.

Just like earned miles, purchased miles expire after 36 months. This does not apply to M&M status holders or owners of a Miles&More credit card.

Full Content of the Bundles

Here is a list of the full content of the bundles. The miles are the most exciting part since the other perks have a cash value of a few dollars at best.

  • Small (for €250):
    • 14,000 10,000 miles
    • 25% bonus miles on Hotels&Cars
    • 1.250 miles member bonus with Avis1
    • 25% miles bonus for Avis rentals2
    • 5% to 20% discount on Priority Pass
  • Medium (for €1,000):
    • 70,000 50,000 miles
    • 50% bonus miles on Hotels&Cars
    • 1,500 miles member bonus with Avis1
    • 50% miles bonus for Avis rentals2
    • Avis Preferred Plus status
    • 10% to 25% discount on Priority Pass
  • Large (for €1,750):
    • 140,000 100,000 miles
    • 100% bonus miles on Hotels&Cars
    • 1,750 miles member bonus with Avis1
    • 100% miles bonus for Avis rentals2
    • Avis Preferred Plus status
    • 15% to 30% discount on Priority Pass

1 – we couldn’t figure out, what exactly that bonus is.

2 – for a maximum of 5 rentals.

Previous Offers

Miles&Bundle deals were introduced rather recently. Here are the possible savings of previous offers:

DateOfferBest Price per Mile
April 202440% Bonus1.25 Cent
March 202430% Bonus1.346 Cent
November 202350% Bonus1.167 Cent (open)
1.083 Cent (targeted)
September 202360% Bonus1.094 Cent
May 202330% Bonus1.346 Cent

What to Do With the Miles?

We can’t stress enough that buying miles is only worth it with an immediate use in mind, since airlines can devalue them at any time and without prior notice. We still have some suggestions for you:

Also, Lufthansa’s and LOT’s Mileage Bargains are fresh and offer plenty of quality redemption options:

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  1. Walter Claes says:

    Hi there,
    The link to the full terms and conditions of the promotion doesn’t work…
    I am trying to find out how long these miles stay valid.
    Also, I have a Brussels Airlines AMEX card that makes my Miles&More miles valid without limit (as long as I use my card every month). Would this also apply to the miles that I buy?
    Kind regards,

  2. Nicolas says:

    Thank you, dear Peer.

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