A Fast Track to Star Alliance Gold: EgyptAir Plus Family Account

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EgyptAir Plus is not one of the frequent flyer programs that we’d usually dedicate an article to. Only very few of our readers will book their flights with the carrier operating this program. And the requirements to obtain Star Alliance Gold status are average at best. But there is one great feature that really makes EgyptAir Plus a unique and overlooked program: their family account. Collection your award miles in one joint account is nothing new? Maybe. But how about tier miles? Does that sound more like it? Then stay with us here.

Several airline loyalty programs offer you to collect and redeem award miles together with friend and family. British Airways’ Executive Club, Aegean Miles+Bonus or Asiana Club are just a few examples. But one account for several travelers tier miles is very much an exception.

Depending on the individuals’ travel patterns, this approach can make it much easier to earn the 60,000 tier miles. That’s what’s needed if you want to reach EgyptAir Plus gold status (and the corresponding Star Alliance Gold tier). One downside is the fact that only one family member will receive a higher level. All others will be doomed to travel as EgyptAir Plus Blue members. Participating relatives won’t even have their own account with EgyptAir’s frequent flyer program. Only a number that has to be linked to every booking.

How to

To add a family member to your EgyptAir Plus account, you will have to send an email (in English) to the carriers customer service using the following email address: customeraff@egyptair.com. You should also include some information and documents to ensure a smooth process:

  • Full name of your relative
  • Scan of his or her passport
  • Describe the exact family relationship
  • Contact data (address, email and telephone number)

You should then receive a frequent flyer number that your family member can use in all bookings.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Your relative has the be at least 2 years old.
  2. The will be no mileage credit for flights that took place before the registration.
  3. You should send your application at least one week before a scheduled flight.
  4. Every family member has to declare his or her frequent flyer number before boarding a plane. Last chance will be at the gate.
  5. Miles earned by family members will be credited to the primary member’s account as 100% of the earned miles eligible for the Blue Level. So no bonus miles.
  6. 1,000 miles will be subtracted from your account for any changes you want to make.
  7. Every member of EgyptAir Plus can only be part of one family account.

Obtain Star Alliance Gold Status

EgyptAir Plus has 4 different tier levels. Once you’ve signed up for the program, you will obtain the Blue tier and from there on you can earn award and tier miles on any Star Alliance flight.

Silver Card

To obtain Silver, you will have to earn 30,000 tier miles. The website doesn’t seem to state which time limit you have to consider when collection that amount.

Once you’ve managed to become a Silver member of the airline’s program, you will also be granted Star Alliance Silver status. The only benefit is a higher priority on standby lists. On EgyptAir flights, you can use the fast-track through security, benefit from priority luggage handling, and earn 20% bonus miles.

You Silver card will be valid for 24 months. Collect 15,000 miles or fly 16 segments within this time, and you will maintain the status.

Gold Card


EgyptAir changed the requirements to requalify for a Gold Card effective January 20th, 2020. You will now need 40,000 miles or 36 segments.

If you decide to sign up as an EgyptAir Plus member, your goal should definitely be to obtain Gold status. You will have 24 months from the time you received your Silver Card to earn another 30,000 miles. So, altogether 60,000 miles if you add the 30,000 you needed to become Silver.

With EgyptAir Plus Gold comes Star Alliance Gold and that means you can benefit from many perks on all Star Alliance flights:

  • Priority Check-in
  • Additional luggage allowance
  • Fast Track through security and, in some cases, immigration
  • Access to over 1,000 Star Alliance lounges worldwide
  • Higher priority on standby lists
  • Priority boarding

Besides, you will receive 30% bonus miles on all EgyptAir flights and can transfer miles to other members’ accounts.

You Gold card will be valid for 24 months. During that time, you will need to earn 30,000 40,000 miles or fly 32 36 segments to maintain Gold status.

Platinum Card

If you earn 1 million miles and EgyptAir flights, you will receive the Platinum card, which means that you will be Star Alliance Gold member for life!

Earn Miles

60,000 tier miles for Star Alliance Gold status might sound like a great deal. But how easy is it to collect that many miles? If you’re mostly traveling in economy class on discounted tickets, you’ll have a pretty hard time meeting the requirements.

The cheapest economy booking classes such as Lufthansa’s K, L, T (and even business class P), you won’t earn any miles at all! So if this sounds like your travel pattern, better have a look at this article:

Redeem Miles

You can redeem your award miles on EgyptAir and Star Alliance flights. A one-way flight in first class from most parts of Europe to the USA will cost you 70,000 award miles. A business class flight will reduce the number of miles in your account by 45,000.


We think that EgypAir Plus is unique. If you travel a lot and your family members only accompany you for vacations trips or aren’t interested in obtaining elite status, this could be a speedy way to reach Star Alliance Gold. But don’t let that blind you. For many travelers, EgyptAir Plus could still be the wrong program due to their travel preferences. So be sure to check the rules and regulations.

Source: AwardWallet, The Points Guy – Thanks!

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