Delhi and Mumbai: £1,202/€1,405 Etihad Airways Business Class from London

Etihad 787 Business Class Seat 2

Middle Eastern airline Etihad Airways is offering business class flights from London to major Indian airports Delhi and Mumbai. The cheapest flights are available from London to Delhi at £1,202 (~€1,404), while you can reach Mumbai for the same price. A change of planes in Etihad’s brand-new terminal in Abu Dhabi is necessary in both directions.

Our availability calendar highlights all possible flight dates at the lowest price for trips up to 28 days. It will forward you to Etihad with your selected flight dates.

Flights between London and Abu Dhabi are Airbus A380 or Boeing 787 services. In either case, you will be seated in lie-flat-seats in a 1-2-1 pattern. Between Abu Dhabi and India, Etihad switches between Boeing 787 aircraft with lie-flat seats and Airbus A320s with recliner seats in a 2-2 pattern up front.

Search & Book

These tickets are on sale until sold out for departures before March 20, 2024. You have to stay at least two days in India to get the lowest fare, while your stay may not exceed four months.

Google Flights will help you find additional flight dates. We recommend buying premium tickets directly from the airline, in this case Etihad Airways.

Why is booking with an airline better than with an online travel agency?

More often than not, online travel agencies offer lower fares than airlines do. We still recommend booking with the airlines directly. There are two main reasons for that:

Better Customer Service
In case any problems like delays, cancellations or missed connections arise, you can communicate directly with the airline. The airline has to take care of you because you have a contract with them.

If a travel agency issues your ticket, you may have to reach out to them first. You also depend on your OTA to forward information like flight changes instead of receiving them directly from the airline. In many cases, you may get a prime exhibition of responsibility shifting rather than problem-solving.

This especially applies to premium tickets. You don’t want to spend more than €1,000 to wind up with some budget OTA’s telephone hotline in case anything goes wrong.

Baggage and Other Fees
Economy fares not including hold luggage are industry standard by now. In most cases, travel agencies charge much higher baggage fees than the airlines themselves. If bags are not included in your fare, airlines are often the cheaper alternative.

This also applies to other things like food services, insurances or priority treatment. In almost all cases, you pay less for additional amenities when booking on the airlines’ website.

Add an Abu Dhabi Stopover (or Mini-Stopover)

Etihad Airways has a really interesting stopover programme. If you book a flight with at least 24 hours in Abu Dhabi, but no more than two nights, you can get a free 3* or 4* hotel or 40% off from 5* hotels. However, you must book on Etihad’s website.

If you wouldn’t like to spend more but would avoid a red-eye flight, Etihad gives you a free hotel on a mini-stopover. If you have a layover in Abu Dhabi lasting between 10 and 24 hours, you can get a free hotel stay in Abu Dhabi using their Transit Connect service.

To add a stopover or a mini-stopover, just use our availability calendar above, select dates for a round-trip and press the button for Etihad. On the airline’s website, a banner will offer you the stopover option. Click on “Change” and select how many days you want to spend in Abu Dhabi. Mini-stopovers will be offered automatically.

etihad stopover 1


Etihad issues these tickets in booking class Z. You can earn the following miles and points on select frequent flyer programs for a trip to Delhi:

  • 12,592 Award Miles on American AAdvantage
  • 12,592 Award Miles on Asiana Club
  • 12,592 Award Miles + 2,000 Tier Miles on CSA OK Plus
  • 12,592 Award Miles + 14,530 Tier Miles on Etihad Guest
  • 12,592 Award Miles on Garuda Indonesia GarudaMiles
  • 12,592 Award Miles on Hainan Fortune Wings Club
  • 12,592 Award Miles on Oman Air Sindbad
  • 12,592 Award Miles on Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer
  • 12,592 Award Miles on Saudia Alfursan
  • 12,592 Award Miles on Flying Blue
  • 12,108 Award Miles on ANA Mileage Club
  • 12,108 Award Miles on Air Canada Aeroplan
  • 11,138 Award Miles on SriLankan FlySmiLes
  • 9,686 Points on Malaysia Airlines Enrich
  • 8,570 Extra Points + 1,250 Basic Points on SAS EuroBonus
Data provided by Without guarantee on correctness.
Information & Tips for India

India is billed as a “subcontinent” not only for geographical reasons. The argument can be made that there is no region on the entire planet as culturally different as India. For example, it is home to as many vegetarians as the rest of the world. But its unique cuisine is just one of reasons to go there – India has a lot to offer. You can finde paradise like beaches in Goa and Kerala. Buzzing metropoles like Delhi and Mumbai invite you as well as and extravagant buildings and palaces like the world famous Taj Mahal. In conclusion, a country as huge as India is full of possibilities.

Visa & Entry

EU citizens need a visa and a passport to enter India. The easiest way is to apply for an eVisa, that will grant you two entries and a stay up to 60 days. It costs around 30€ on the government’s official site. With it, you can enter the country at almost any international airport.

Transport infrastructure

Flag carrier Air India and a bunch of smaller LCCs connect the airports of Delhi and Mumbai to almost any noteworthy city in the country. For a country its size, India has an excellent railway network. This allows for extremely cheap ground transportation. Renting a car is possible, but incredibly dangerous due to poor road conditions and reckless driving habits.


Official currency is the Indian rupee. 100 rupees are worth around 1,30€.

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