Reminder: SAS EuroBonus Gives Double Qualifying Flights & Points Between November and February 2023

Airbus A350 SAS am Flughafen LAX

SAS has announced a promotion, which allows you to earn double flights and points in their frequent flyer program, Eurobonus, when flying with SAS (last time also with Wideroe). This promotion is valid for flights between November 2022 and the end of February 2023, no matter when they were booked.

You’ll be credited the basic points as always + the same amount as status points. Only the basic points can be used for awards, however. The additional status points are merely useful to reach or renew a frequent flyer status.

sas double 2
Some Eurobonus members received e-mails about double status points & segments promotion.

This opens new possibilities to reach the Silver or Gold status through segments.

Star Alliance Gold Status

For the gold status at Eurobonus (Star Alliance Gold), you usually either need 45 flight segments or 45,000 status points. Since the credits are doubled, 23 flights or 22,500 status points on SAS flights are now sufficient.

We have selected two ways for you below, how you can get the Star Alliance Gold status at a rather cheap price:

23 Segments Within Europe

Basically, there are different options for how you can get the 23 segments cheaply:

  • 12 nonstop round trips
  • 6 round trips with 1 layover in each direction
  • 4 round trips with 2 layovers in each direction

Premium Economy to North America

On long-haul flights, it is easier to earn miles than segments. A sweet spot for the double bonus points is flights from Europe (excluding Scandinavia) to the USA in premium economy. This is how it works out:

  • Europe – Scandinavia: 1,500 x 2 x 2 = 6,000 points
  • Scandinavia – New York / Boston / Toronto: 4,000 x 2 x 2 = 16,000 points
  • Scandinavia – Chicago / Washington DC: 5,000 x 2 x 2 = 20,000 points
  • Scandinavia – (Shanghai) / Miami / San Francisco / Los Angeles: 6,000 x 2 x 2 = 24,000 points

You should keep an eye on our SAS premium economy deals as they come back and forth frequently, especially during the winter period.


Getting a Star Alliance Gold status has once again become easier. While not as good as the previous promotions with quadruple points in Summer and Autumn 2021, it still represents a fast track to Star Alliance Gold tier.

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Comments (9)

  1. Stefan says:

    hi out there,

    any news about this SAS Eurobonus: Double Qualifying Flights & Points Between November & February 2023 ?

    I called an international customer service agent . They have no information on that.

    How do get it when you did not get the email?


    • Felix says:

      Hi Stefan!

      SAS has launched a landing page for the promotion, making the promotion official for all EuroBonus members. I have updated the article accordingly.

  2. aps92 says:

    Hey, do we have to fly SAS or any S$ will work?

  3. Kostis says:

    Can’t trust SAS at all although I’m an EBG member for years.
    In June they cancelled 2 of my flights at the last minute in SAS plus. They gave me the standard points but not 4x as the campaign.
    Now I have booked a flight HEL-CPH-HEL for November. The flight times have already been changed but no info so far from SAS.

  4. moppuskaft says:

    I have made this insane trip but this was a nightmare. I have made 4 bookings for weekends in May and June with 6 segments each but ended up being rerouted and flying with Lufthansa and partly Icelandair. Patience is the key. Month and 20 emails later ended up with Diamond until March 23

  5. Louis says:

    How did everyone find the SAS flights during June when there was less disruption & more streamlined travel within the EU due to testing & vaccinations?

    I’m planning 3 weekend returns from Frankfurt during Nov & Dec (Gothenburg booked, Helsinki & Tallinn still to book) that cover 12 segments total. I’ve consciously tried to choose flights SAS are likely less inclined to cancel (popular international or domestic routes). Did anyone have an issue with segments/points being awarded for Cityjet legs? (seems like a SAS wet lease agreement & thus should be counted as a proper SAS flight)

    Also, to anyone who attempted Eurobonus Gold in Apr-Jun: the T&Cs state that even if your flights were canceled, they would still award you segments/points if you contact them. Did anyone manage to do this?

  6. DO says:

    I had all my SAS flights in May cancelled. Also some in June. In such way it will become quite hard to even get qualifying flights on SAS…

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