Iceland: €46/£42 Nonstop from Luton to Reykjavík (Cabin Bags Only)


British low-cost-carrier Easyjet offers cheap nonstop flights from its hub London-Luton to Reykjavík, starting at €46 (~£39) for a roundtrip. This is a base fare that does not include luggage. Adding checked bags adds at least €50 (~£42) on, which is still a reasonable price.


Iceland has reopened its borders for foreign tourists, requiring an electronic registration and a Covid-19 test upon arrival.

To make sure you can benefit from this deal the way you want to, we suggest checking the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website for current updates on a country’s current immigration policies. Their Covid-19 Travel Regulations Map is one of the most useful tools you can find.


Easyjet operates A320 family aircraft with the usual 3-3 seating pattern between Luton and Keflavik airport.

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We were not able to find any fare rules for these flights. What we can tell you that this fare is sparsely available for flights between September and December 2020. You can use our availability calendar to find suiting dates for trips up to two weeks:

Consult Google Flights to find dates for longer trips or additional travel dates. Checked luggage comes in three different sizes, each with an individual price tag:

EZY Bags
A 15 kg bag adds €50 to your flight, more than doubling the price.
bruarfoss island

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