Sixt Gold & Platinum Status Match for Many Loyalty Programs


The rental car company Sixt has been gifting its Gold and Platinum status to pretty much everyone who has a status at a frequent flyer-, hotel-, or rental car program. The special thing: that status is then valid forever! Upgrades, though, are only guaranteed during the first 12 months, afterwards, you need to reach a certain number of rentals per year. The discount for Gold or Platinum-holders, however, remains!

Sixt Gold Platinum Card
Status-Matches to Sixt

How to Carry out the Status Match

You should apply directly through the link for the program that you currently hold a status for. Here’s the landing page for all partner programs:

Once you’re on the specific webpage that’s dedicated to that partner, e.g., you can then click on the Apply button:

skymiles sixt match

With an Active Account

If you already have a Sixt account but don’t have a Gold or Platinum status, you can send an email to with your membership number and a scan or screenshot of your status. You’ll have your new Sixt status with a couple of hours. You can also simply create a new account.

Confirmed Matches

The list of Sixt partners is very long. You can see the complete list by clicking on the link above. Here are some of the possible matches:

  • Frequent flyer programs
    • Miles&More FTL → Gold
    • Miles&More Senator → Platinum
    • Miles&More HON → Diamond
    • Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Classic Plus → Gold
    • Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Elite / Elite Plus → Platinum
    • SAS Eurobonus Silver → Gold
    • SAS Eurobonus Gold / Diamond → Platinum
    • FlyingBlue Silver / Gold → Gold
    • FlyingBlue Platinum → Platinum
    • Delta SkyMiles Silver → Gold
    • Delta SkyMiles Gold / Platinum → Platinum
  • Hotel Loyalty Programs
    • Marriott Bonvoy Silver & Gold → Gold
    • Marriott Bonvoy Platinum & Titanium → Platinum
    • Best Western Rewards Platinum → Gold
    • Best Western Rewards Gold → Gold
    • Club Carlson Silver → Gold
    • Club Carlson Gold → Platinum
    • LHW Leaders Club Green / Red Card → Platinum
  • Others
    • bahn.bonus Comfort → Platinum
    • American Express Gold → Gold
    • American Express Platinum → Platinum


When you register at Sixt, you get the Sixt Express Card. That saves you some time when picking up your car, and also allows you to earn miles or points at many frequent flyer or hotel programs. Also, should your car break down, you’ll get a new rental car within 4 hours.

After 3 rentals within 12 consecutive months, you would get the Gold card:

Sixt Gold Card

  • Up to 10% discount at Sixt rent a car and Sixt rent a truck
  • Up to 20% discount at Sixt limousine service in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France. Up to 10% discount in all other countries
  • Preferred Mobility: Guaranteed car up to 48 hours before arrival

After 10 rentals within 12 consecutive months, you’ll get the Platinum card:

Sixt Platinum Card

  • Automatic Upgrade to the next vehicle category based on availability.
    Does not apply for long-term rentals, special cars, motorbikes, and trucks. Only within the first 12 months. Beyond the 12 months, you’ll only get upgrades if you had at least 20 rentals within the last 12 months.
  • Up to 15% discount at Sixt rent a car and Sixt rent a truck
  • Up to 20% discount at Sixt limousine service in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France. Up to 10% in all other countries.
  • Preferred Mobility: Guaranteed car up to 24 hours before arrival

The Discount

The biggest benefit of having the Gold or even Platinum card is the discount. You get up to a 10% discount as a Gold member and up to 15% with the Platinum card. The exact percentage depends on the following factors:

  • City
  • Vehicle category
  • Paying at the rental station or directly online

There are also further discounts on some extras, e.g. insurance.

To receive the discount, you need to login at Sixt first:

sixt login
Log in at Sixt

You’ll then directly see the prices with the discount. If you want to compare your price with the normal price, you need to search for your rental while NOT being logged in.


This is an offer that one should take advantage of. It is especially interesting that the status doesn’t have an expiration date and the discount is really nice. The Platinum status, however, is much more attractive than the Gold status.

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  1. Anke says:

    Hallo Johannes,

    weisst Du, ob es noch zutrifft, dass Sixt den Senator Status bei Lufthansa matched mit einem Sixt Platinum Status?
    Falls ja, weisst du wie es geht ?

    Vielen Dank

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