Megabus: Numerous Bus Routes in the USA for $1 (+ $4 Booking Fee)

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The US long-distance bus company MegaBus advertises tickets for US$1 (~€1). However, these are usually sold out after a very short time and then, only trips for 20 to 40 dollars (sometimes more) remain available.

Currently, the chances of securing cheap tickets are very good, because the bookings for May 6 through September 4, 2024, are now open. Even on longer routes, there are many cheap tickets. In addition to the ticket price, there is a booking fee of US$4 (~€4), so the more tickets you buy at once, the cheaper these tickets get. At some stations, Megabus also charges a “facility fee” (about US$1 (~€1)).

Megabus 1USDb
New York → Philadelphia for only $1 (+ $4 fees, because America).

Example Routes

Tickets for US$1 (~€1) (plus a one-time US$4 (~€4) booking fee per booking) are available on the following routes, among others:

  • New York ↔ Philadelphia (ca. 2h)
  • New York ↔ Baltimore (ca. 3h)
  • New York ↔ Washington, D.C. (ca. 5h)
  • New York ↔ Pittsburgh (ca. 8h)
  • Washington, D.C. ↔ Durham (ca. 5h)
  • Washington, D.C. ↔ Atlanta (ca. 13)
  • Philadelphia ↔ Baltimore (ca. 2h)
  • Philadelphia ↔ Washington, D.C. (ca. 3h)
  • Charlotte ↔ Atlanta (ca. 5h)
  • Atlanta ↔ Orlando (ca. 9h)
  • Atlanta ↔ Jacksonville (ca. 6h)
  • Miami ↔ Orlando (ca. 5h)
  • Orlando ↔ Daytona Beach (ca. 2h)
  • Houston ↔ Dallas (ca. 4h)
  • Houston ↔ San Antonio (ca. 4h)
  • Houston ↔ Austin (ca. 3h)
  • Austin ↔ San Antonio (ca. 2h)
  • und many more…

Unfortunately, there is usually only one-seat per bus for the cheapest price. If you are travelling as a couple, you’d pay significantly more.

You won’t find reduced tickets on routes operated by partner companies, which affects most tickets for Seattle, Salt Lake City and Chicago. Some routes in California (like Los Angeles – San Francisco) are not part of the promotion, too.

Included Services

Long-distance bus travel in the USA is similar to that in Europe. The following services are included with Megabus:

  • One piece of luggage, up to 20 kg
  • A personal item (e.g. small backpack)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Power sockets

However, you should be aware that there can be significant delays, especially on longer journeys. Nevertheless, my previous experiences with Megabus have all been positive.

Search & Book

The $1 fares will sell out quickly, so if you are planning a trip within the US, rather book your bus journey sooner than later.

The best way to find fares is to select departure and arrival city and an approximate date. Then you need to check the date selection at the top for the cheapest fares on particular days.

Megabus Search

In the end, the booking fee will be added:

You can reduce the booking fee by purchasing multiple tickets at once. This works, even if you spread out the dates:

Megabus No fee
$3 bus tickets + $4 booking fee (instead of $12).

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