Rent a Tesla Model S for €73 per day (Incl. Fuel)


You’re keen on taking an e-car on a test drive? Then this offer might be the one you’ve been looking for! Ufodrive is renting out Tesla Model 3 and many other electric cars for prices starting at only €85 per day (you can also book just one day). A Model S is available for €73 a day. The company has outlets in several European cities and is expanding!

As one of our Travel-Dealz readers, you will receive a 9% discount on your next rental. Just click the link below, and you will see the rebate in step 2, Personalize:

Ufodrive has a pretty strict distance limit of 150 km or 100 miles. If you drive 300 km instead of the prepaid 150 km, you’d pay an extra fee of €38, increasing the total to €111/day. But charging your vehicle at Tesla Supercharging stations is free.

The exlcusive 9% discount for Travel-Dealz readers ends on May 5, 2022.

Ufodrive’s Fleet

Ufodrive is currently renting out the following e-cars:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model Y
  • VW ID.4
  • VW ID.3
  • Hyundai Kona EV (SUV)

Prices vary by date and pick-up location between €80 and €200 (without the 9% travel-dealz discount). You can see a comprehensive list of all cars at all locations here.

Kilometers, Electricity & Insurance

If you’re renting a Model 3/S, 150 kilometers or 100 miles a day are included. Even the electricity that’s needed is included, and you can “refuel” at all Tesla Superchargers and other charging stations.

The standard price, however, does not include insurance. If your credit card does not include insurance for rental cars, you should definitely book the insurance at Ufodrive (starting at €15/day). An external rental car insurance may sometimes also be a better option than booking the insurance directly at Ufodrive.

The autopilot is activated in the Model 3, but only supports automatic steering, accelerating, and breaking. The additional package, which in theory includes autonomous driving on the highway, automatic parking, and “summoning” the car, is sadly not activated. The model S sometimes has the autopilot, but not always – you’ll have to be lucky.

How it Works

The entire rental process has been digitized. You book the rental car via the Ufodrive website, download an app, and the location of your car will be displayed immediately. Even unlocking and returning the vehicle is done via the app. Say goodbye to queues at the counter!

Ufodrive Dublin
Ufodrive Tesla (© Ufodrive)


The following Ufodrive stations are available in Europe:

  • Germany
    • Hamburg Airport
    • Cologne/Bonn Airport
    • Berlin Mall of Berlin / Leipziger Platz
  • Austria
    • Vienna Airport
    • Vienna Hauptbahnhof
  • Belgium
    • Brussels Airport
    • Brussels City
  • The Netherlands
    • Rotterdam City
    • Amsterdam City
  • Ireland
    • Dublin City
  • United Kingdom
    • London Park Lane
    • London Oxford Street
    • London Westfield
    • London Canary Wharf
  • France
    • Paris City
  • Luxembourg
    • Luxembourg Airport

Ufodrive is currently expanding, and you should be able to rent a Tesla and other electric cars in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Milan, and Nice soon.

Price Comparison

May rental companies charge extra for e-cars, and this is especially true for Teslas. Nextmove, a company specialized in renting out electric cars, offers a Tesla Model 3 or Model S for prices starting at €281 per day. It’s cheaper if you opt for long term rental, though. The only option that could be better is renting from a private individual.

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  1. Srwj says:

    I would like to rent Model Y for 17 days pickup and return at Vienna airport next April and like to know if cancellation fee is allowed before 3 days of pickup date.

  2. Milad Ganji says:

    Can i pick up the car in Frankfurt and drop in Paris!? ( after 16 days!) germany-holland-belgium-france

  3. Rafal says:

    Hi I would like to rent a Tesla for 3 days, please let me know.

    • Peer says:

      We are a travel blog and don’t rent out any Teslas. If you want to book a car, please click on the “Show Deal” button to book with Ufodrive.

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