Cancun: €109/£96 oneway flights from Belfast, Edinburgh, Aberdeen (incl. luggage)

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While Thomas Cook Airlines is at the brink of collapse, it is still offering amazing low Economy fares in cooperation with flybe. The latest being a €109 oneway ticket to Cancun, Mexico from british airports Aberdeen, Belfast and Edinburgh. All flights include luggage and board service, but necessitate a layover in Manchester.

A transatlantic oneway flight at just €109, including luggage.

The first leg will be a flybe flight, handled by the airlines’ signature turboprop aircraft. Onwards, a Thomas Cook’ Airbus A330-200 will take you across the Atlantic to Mexico.


Please note that Thomas Cook is facing major financial difficulties. As of now, the future of the airline is unclear. In case of bankruptcy, you’ll probably loose your flights as well as your money. We strongly advise to use a credit card to pay for this flight. This will result in higher chances of getting your money back.

Search & Book

These fares are based on availability. Sadly, they are not displayed on Google Flights or the Airfare Matrix and can be retrieved through skyscanner and on Thomas Cook’s website. Your flight has to take place on June 30, 2019 or earlier to use this cheap fare. Availability is fairly great. Unfortunately, one-way flights from Cancun to the U.K. in this time frame are much more expensive, starting around €400.


Roundtrips from Manchester can be found at €360, again between today and June 30, 2019. While these tickets are cheaper than two seperated one way tickets, they do not include checked luggage.

A roundtrip is cheaper than to one way tickets, because inbound flights are much more expensive.

If you’re looking for a roundtrip, ee recommend to use skyscanner or the calendar on Thomas Cook’s website to find suiting fares. If you’re just looking for a oneway flight to Mexico, this is an amazing offer.

Information & Tips for Mexico

Mayan pyramids, dreamy beaches and tacos – Mexico is an incredibly diverse country. If you want to experience the Spanish-speaking country to its fullest, you should definitely stay somewhere other than the tourist hotspots and seaside resorts.

The Best Time to Travel

The perfect travel time is from December to April, during this time it hardly rains and the temperatures are pleasant. Unsurprisingly, during the rainy season from May to October there is more rainfall. Beware of some extreme weather phenomenons that might be unknown to Europeans: Hurricane season lasts from June to November! Those who want to travel to typical holiday areas like Cancún and do not want to spend lots of money should travel in the off season. Areas with less touristic relevance such as Mexico City, on the other hand, are relatively constant throughout the year from a price perspective.

Climate diagram for Ciudad de Mexico (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)
Climate diagram for Cancun (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)

Currency, Credit Cards & Tipping

The official currency of the country is the Mexican Peso. 1 EUR equals about MX$19. The acceptance of credit cards is comparable to or even slightly better than Germany. In almost all shops, even small kiosks, it is possible and quite normal to pay by card. The same applies to restaurants. For street vendors, street snack bars and the like, it is advisable to have a few pesos in cash with you. It is unusual to tip taxis or cab drivers. At a restaurant, 10-15 percent are normal, as long as the tip is not already listed on the bill as a line item. When paying by card, you can usually choose how much you want to tip at the card terminal before entering the pin. Housekeeping at a hotel should usually be tipped 20-40 Pesos per day, small favours have a going tip rate of 5 Pesos.

Immigration & Visa Requirements

Most EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Mexico. All you need to do is fill out the tourist card that is handed out onboard the plane. For touristic and business purposes, a visa-free stay of 180 days is possible.

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Information & Tips for Cancún

Cancún is probably the most famous holiday destination in Mexico next to Mexico City and known to most tourists in the context of beach holidays spring break. The city is well-connected to the USA as well as to Europe with plenty of scheduled and charter flights.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Cancún is from November to March. During this time temperatures are quite high and precipitation is comparatively low. The Hurricane season stretches from May to September – even if hurricanes do not form, this period of time brings a lot of precipitation and tropical storms.

Climate diagram for Cancun (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)

From the Airport to the City Center

A taxi from the airport to the beach, where most hotels are, costs about €30-35, depending on the traffic and the exact route. Shuttle buses are cheaper, but due to their disorganized nature it is advisable for tourists to use a licensed taxi or book a transfer with their tour operator.

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