Turkish Airlines: Extra Baggage Allowance & Other Benefits for Students

Turkish Airlines Airbus A321

There aren’t many companies that still offer student travel discounts. The airlines from the Middle East are a welcome exception. In addition to Etihad, Qatar Airways and Emirates, Turkish Airlines also offers such discounts.

Pupils and students up to their 35th birthday can benefit from this promotion. Which advantages Turkish Airlines promises – and which of them are actually granted – is what this article is about.

Student benefits at Turkish Airlines


Above you can see the advantages for students listed briefly. Below are a few more details:

Additional Baggage Allowance

The additional baggage allowance is quickly explained. Wherever you can normally check in 30 kg of luggage (weight concept), the free baggage allowance as a student increases to 40 kg.

On some routes, however, Turkish Airlines uses the piece concept with 2x 23 kg. Student status doesn’t change that. On domestic flights in Turkey, fees for excess baggage are apparently only reduced, not completely waived.

turkish airlines student luggage
40 kg baggage allowance instead of the regular 30 kg

“Discounted” Tickets

After registration and login, students can book discounted tickets with Turkish Airlines. The following discounts are advertised:

  • 20% discount on domestic flights
  • Up to 10% discount on international flights
  • Special prices for international one-way tickets

10% off international tickets doesn’t sound like much. In fact, the discount on some routes is more in the per thousand range than in per cent. In April, Travel-Dealz.de colleague Peer applied for the status and tried out some examples. His samples only show a significant saving on Turkish domestic flights (in business class):

  • Hamburg – Kuala Lumpur: €624 instead of €636
  • Munich – Seoul: €674 instead of €692
  • Berlin – Istanbul: €189 instead of €189
  • Business Class Istanbul – Izmir: €157 instead of €193

However, in all fairness, the student tickets have semi-flex conditions, meaning that they are partially refundable. The prices that we compared these to, were the cheap, non-refundable tickets. We chose to do this, as most people would buy non-refundable tickets instead of paying hundreds for semi-flex conditions.

Left, €463 to Dubai with student discount, on the right the same flights for €478. A semi-flex ticket would, however, cost €707 for non-students.

Things are looking a little better for international one-way tickets. But the prices are far from being deal-worthy:

  • Hamburg – Bangkok: €404 instead of €481
  • Munich – Singapore: €439 instead of €661
  • Frankfurt – Seychelles: €502 instead of €542

Last year the discounts on one-way tickets were a little better, e.g. with one-way tickets to Tokyo for €350.

Additional Benefits

As a student, you will also receive:

  • A rebooking without having to pay a rebooking fee (fare difference applies).
  • 25% more miles at Miles&Smiles (currently only for flights in 2022)
  • 1,000 miles bonus for signing up


Although anyone can search for a ticket for students on TurkishAirlines.com, according to Turkish Airlines, you must first register to book. The procedure is as follows:

Register for Student Account

If you don’t have one already, you need a (free) account at the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program. You can create one here.

You then have to fill out the feedback form so that the status is stored in your account. Under Applications, select the appropriate option:

turkish airlines student application
Application for student status at Turkish Airlines

After a little waiting time (about a week for Peer) you will then receive an e-mail that the application has been approved:

Now you can proceed to book the tickets:

Book Flights

Student tickets can be booked directly on the Turkish Airlines website. To the left of the red arrow, you will find the option to select one (or more) students instead of adults:

turkish airlines booking form student

The reduced prices are then automatically displayed. And if there are no reduced tickets, then at least the additional baggage allowance and more flexible conditions.

Cover Picture: Kevin Hackert

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