Volotea Sale: €5 Oneways Within Europe Until July

Volotea Airbus A319

Spanish low-cost carrier Volotea has an interesting sale going on, selling one-way tickets within Europe for €5. You can find cheap tickets from today through July 2021, even if the availability is quite limited on some routes. While selected one-ways are very cheap, it is sometimes hard to find a roundtrip for less than €24 (which is still a great price, though).

The best offers are usually domestic flights in Italy, France, Greece or Spain. However, some international routes are available at the lowest price, too:

From Prague to Barcelona for €5 (€24 round trip)

Volotea serves 99 destinations, most of which are located in Southern European countries Spain, Italy and Greece. It operates domestic flights within these countries, as well. The map above shows some, but not all airports served by the carrier.

Search & Book

Volotea’s current sale is only valid for flights purchased on the carrier’s website. Said site features a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find all available flights at the lowest possible fare.

It will show all flights from/to a specific country, like France, Spain, Italy or Greece:

Especially on longer flights to the Canary or Aegean islands, you can get some pretty high-value tickets. Since Volotea is a low-cost carrier, you have to pay for additional services like food, beverages or hold luggage. The airline offers ready-made bundles as well as the option to purchase them individually:

Source: FLY4FREE

Cover Picture: Dylan Agbagni

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  1. SharonG says:

    Hannover to Venice in September – round-trip for approx. €31 WOW! Can’t go then, but a great price!

  2. Dave says:

    „they are also the only European airline to use Boeing 717 jets.“

    Sadly they retired all 717 Jets…

    • Peer says:

      You’re right. There goes the last European operator. 🙁

      I’ve updated the post, thanks for letting us now.

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