Minimum stay

If you are familiar with fare rules, you’ve probably come accross the term ‘minimum stay requirements’ already. Many fares require you to stay at your destination for a certain period of time. Of course, the airline doesn’t really care where you spent those days or weeks. But you can’t book at flight home earlier than defined if you want to buy your ticket at the low price you’re hoping for.

One requirement that can be found in many fare rules is the so-called Sunday Rule. The airlines want you to spent at least one night – the night from Saturday to Sunday – before returning back home. It’s pretty apparent who the airlines are targeting here: business travelers. Their companies pay for their tickets, and those guys want to be home for the weekend. So they won’t be able to book the cheap fare.

Find out more about a fare’s minimum stay requirements

Fare rules almost always include minimum stay requirements. Unfortunately, those won’t always be handed to us travelers ion a silver platter. But there is one great way to find out more: the ITA Airfare Search.

Matrix minimum stay example
An example of minimum stay requirements

Check the fare rules, and you’ll find minimum as well as maximum stay requirements.

Most common rules:

  • Travel must commence no earlier than the first sun after departure from fare origin – the Sunday Rule
  • No minimum stay – return whenever you want