Delta Resumes Eight Long-Haul Routes to Europe

In the wake of the corona pandemic, the SkyTeam airline Delta had suspended numerous routes across the Atlantic. Now passenger numbers are on the rise again and many of the connections are returning.

In a press release last week, Delta announced the (re)start of eight European routes. In the summer schedule of 2023, the following new routes will be available:

  • Geneva – New York JFK (daily from April 11)
  • London LGW – New York JFK (daily from April 11)
  • Berlin – New York JFK (daily from May 26)
  • Düsseldorf – Atlanta (3x weekly from May 10)
  • Stuttgart – Atlanta (3x 4x weekly from March 27)
  • Edinburgh – Atlanta (5x weekly from May 26)
  • London LHR – Los Angeles (daily from March 26)
  • Paris – Los Angeles (daily from May 9)

Except for the Gatwick service, all of these routes have been served in the past. Delta last flew most of them until early 2020.

A Boeing 767 is scheduled to operate the routes to Geneva, Gatwick, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, and Edinburgh. Merely the flights from Los Angeles to Heathrow and Paris will be operated with an Airbus A330-900neo.

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