NH Hotels joins Global Hotel Alliance: NH Rewards is now NH Discovery

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Previously, the NH Hotel Group operated its own loyalty program, NH Rewards. The group has now decided to join the Global Hotel Alliance on June 20, 2022. With GHA Discovery, the merger of over 40 independent hotel brands, including Kempinski, operates its own bonus program, which now also includes NH Rewards. With over 400 NH hotels, the number of participating hotels in GHA Discovery has doubled to over 800 hotels.

Existing NH Rewards points and status will carry over to the new program. At the same time, at NH/GHA Discovery, it is also much easier to reach a high status. For example, the highest status, Titan, is earned after staying at three different hotel brands (unfortunately, NH Hotels, nhow, and NH Collection count as one brand). At the same time, you can earn Discovery Dollars (D$), the currency of the bonus program, in significantly more hotels worldwide and redeem them flexibly for stays, room upgrades, food & drinks, spa treatments…

Existing status members will be included in the new program as follows:

  • NH Rewards Blue –> NH Discovery Silver
  • NH Rewards Silver –> NH Discovery Gold
  • NH Rewards Gold –> NH Discovery Gold or Platinum
  • NH Rewards Platinum –> NH Discovery Titanium


In particular, the status benefits change massively and improve (titanium) or worsen (platinum) in some aspects:

Overview of status benefits at NH Discovery

NH Discovery Silver

The Discovery Silver status is earned by registering for the program. Unlike the NH Rewards Silver status, no nights or stays are required.

  • 4 Discovery Dollars per spent $1
  • Birthday present
  • Free Wi-Fi (where it’s not free anyway)

NH Discovery Gold

The NH Discovery Gold status is granted after two stays or $1,000 spent in a calendar year. However, the additional advantages are very underwhelming:

  • 5 Discovery Dollars per spent $1
  • Discovery Dollars expire after 18 months instead of 6

For the comparable NH Rewards Silver status, you previously needed 5 stays or 11 nights.

NH Discovery Platinum

The Platinum status requires 10 nights or $5,000 spent in a calendar year. In return, you will receive an upgrade and late check-out until 15:00, subject to availability.

  • 6 Discovery Dollars per spent $1
  • Discovery Dollars only expire after 24 months
  • Late check-out until 15:00, subject to availability
  • Room upgrade, subject to availability
  • Welcome present upon arrival

Compared to the old NH Rewards Gold status, which was obtained after 11 stays or 21 nights, early check-in and unlimited validity of collected points are missing.

NH Discovery Titanium

The highest Titanium status is earned after 30 nights, $15,000 spent, or after staying at three different brands (NH Hotels, nhow and NH Collections, unfortunately, count as one brand) in a calendar year.

  • 6 Discovery Dollars per $1 spent
  • Early check-in from 11:00, subject to availability
  • Late check-out until 16:00, subject to availability
  • Double room upgrade, subject to availability
  • Guaranteed room availability up to 48 hours before arrival
  • Titanium status can be gifted to another person

So far, the benefits of the highest NH Rewards Platinum status (room guarantee, free cancellation of all rates and premium Wi-Fi) for 20 stays or 40 nights have been very limited. NH Discovery is much more generous here.

The Titanium status seems a lot closer to being a top status, but sadly it still lacks complimentary breakfast or lounge access compared to Hilton Honors, the latter of which few hotels in the GHA are likely to offer. In return, the status is very easy to achieve.

Web Bonus

If you book your stay directly through nh-hotels.com as an NH Discovery member, there are a few additional advantages that are worth mentioning:

  • Min. 5% discount on all rates
  • Min. 5 Discovery Dollars per spent dollar (instead of $D 4 as a basic Silver member)
  • Late check-out until 15:00 or 17:00 for departures on Sundays and public holidays, subject to availability, except at some hotels. Mention the Lazy Sunday offer at the reception.


The connection to the Global Hotel Alliance is to be seen as positive for both NH Hotels and GHA. The number of hotels for GHA Discovery has increased massively and as a previous NH Rewards member, you can take advantage of the benefits at significantly more hotels.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of really great added value, especially for the top status, such as free breakfast, and the fact that the Discovery Dollars collected are only valid for a maximum of 24 months instead of being unlimited from the NH Rewards Gold status is a step backwards. With many other hotel bonus programs, you can easily stop the expiration, e.g. with activity, but you can’t really save toward a big redemption here. Instead, you’re better off spending the Discovery Dollars directly on your next stay.

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  1. Murat says:

    Im titanium member for NH discovery Loyalty program. Yesterday I had 174$ in my account and made reservation for 2 night. I spoke with somebody from NH Group and sent me confirmation of my reservation. Now I came to hotel to make check in. But there is no points in my account. System Automatically deleted my points. Dont thrust this program. I will stay at another hotel.

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