ITA Volare: Status Extension until December 2023 for Many Members (Also with Status Match)

ITA Airways Airbus A350

Together with Alitalia’s successor ITA Airways, a new frequent flyer program called Volare was also launched at the end of 2021. Normally this wouldn’t be too interesting. However, since then there has often been a status match. Therefore, many of our readers could currently have a frequent flyer status with ITA.

Now there are good news for (almost?) all new ITA frequent flyers. Yesterday, the airline announced a status extension until December 2023. Otherwise, most accounts would have been downgraded by the end of January.

The extension is apparently not yet visible in the online account. But yesterday the corresponding e-mails were sent out:

Thank you for deciding to be part of our loyalty program Volare in this special year.

Twelve months have passed since the start of the program, months packed with new experiences and initiatives specially designed for our members: promotions, new features, and the arrival of exclusive partners.
Because you have been with us from the start, we have decided to offer you a special gift.
For the entire duration of next year, until December 31st 2023, you will maintain your level within the program and continue to enjoy the benefits of Club Executive.

Email to members

Continued Issues with SkyTeam Benefits Recognition

ITA has been a member of the SkyTeam alliance since October 2021. This means that ITA Volare status holders (Premium level and above) can theoretically enjoy lounge access on all international flights operated by Air France, KLM, Korean Air, Delta, … and many other benefits.

In practice, however, there are still serious problems with recognition. We’re hearing that it is still not possible to enter an ITA frequent flyer number on the websites of KLM & Air France. In our experience, things are no better with other airlines.

It is therefore difficult to be able to use all the advantages such as additional baggage allowance, SkyPriority, etc. in practice. At least, lounge access at the big hubs is now being granted in many cases.

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Comments (4)

  1. Maz Mattar says:

    Used my gold MEA cedar miles card on ITA last week of December 2022..they recognised elite plus status at check in. They had to add number and info manually.. was able to use security fast track and lounges as a result. I couldn’t add my card info during online check in.. had to go to the counter.

  2. Hoe Yin Wan says:

    The problem is most airlines have not signed the agreement with ita… but most are also in progress. But the airports still recognized the elite plus status.

  3. Osvald says:

    I used the ITA status to enter Delta lounges in the US, everything went very smoothly.

    The desk asked me to show the card on my app, then they had to type in the number manually. The rest was a breeze.

    Have not received an extension email yet. Another year would be nice, if just for Delta lounges.

    Been using the Italian status just for lounges. I still credit flights to Flying Blue. More reliable I think.

  4. Jens says:

    I could enter the number at Vietnam Airlines without issues and could see the Skyteam Status including priority boarding on my boarding pass. Tried it on a domestic flight in Vietnam 3 weeks ago.

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