Miles&More Reintroduces a €50 Rebooking Fee (for New Bookings)

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Miles&More allowed changes to award tickets without any fees. Initially, this applied even to the reduced mileage bargains, until this option was removed in April 2022.

Unfortunately, the last remnants of COVID-19 flexibility have also ended. Last week, LoyaltyLobby first reported that starting August 16, a €50 fee would be charged for each rebooking. We have now received confirmation of this information from the Miles&More press office.

Here’s what applies:

  • Tickets issued before August 16, 2023, can still be rebooked once free of charge.
  • For tickets issued from August 16, 2023, a rebooking fee of €50 will be applied.

Alternatively, ticket cancellations are possible for a fee of €50. The price for cancellations remained unchanged even during the COVID-19 flexibility period.

The Website has not yet been Updated

We initially refrained from reporting on the alleged change, as the Miles&More website still states the following COVID-19 flexibility rules:

However, this information is no longer accurate and is set to be updated shortly.


While it’s disappointing that Miles&More is reintroducing fees, this isn’t entirely unexpected. The waiver of rebooking fees was always communicated as a COVID-19 flexibility measure from the start.

A €50 fee is roughly in line with what other frequent flyer programs charge and is actually a fair price for long-haul flights. However, there are a few programs (including United MileagePlus and Alaska Mileage Plan) that offer free changes and cancellations at any time.

Source: LoyaltyLobby

Cover Picture: Foto von Adam Khan auf Unsplash

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