New Points System from 2024: Miles&More Publishes Simple Status Calculator


In December, Miles&More announced that it would finally implement the changes to the frequent flyer program originally announced for 2021. A completely new system will then apply to obtain a frequent flyer status, which will replace the previous determination based on booking class and flight distance. You can read more information about what will change in the coming year here.

Overall, the new system is much easier to understand than the old calculation. In the future, the only important factor is whether it is an intercontinental flight or not, as well as the travel class and airline group. You can easily calculate for which frequent flyer status your personal flight behaviour will be sufficient from 2024 onward.

It’s even easier with the points calculator that Miles&More has recently made available on its website. There, you must first indicate which flights you have planned in the calendar year – divided into continental and intercontinental flights. It is then also queried by which airline the flights are operated, and then the result is displayed:

If the page is constantly scrolling up and down, you are unfortunately not alone. Reloading the website sometimes helps to make it usable again. You can also zoom out until scrolling is basically no longer possible.

You can read more about the new point system here:

Compare Frequent Flyer Programs with the Travel-Dealz Status Calculator

Do you want to know how well you are doing with the new Miles&More system compared to the previous calculation method? Or how quickly you can get the Gold status with other Star Alliance frequent flyer programs?

Then feel free to use our own status calculator. To do this, however, you must know the booking class of all connections. Below, we have already filled in the whole thing for you with an example:

How is an Intercontinental Flight Defined?

Unfortunately, there is still no clear table of countries on the Miles&More website. Therefore, we provide you with the following map, which shows the six continents of the new scoring system. You can read more about the map here.

Übersicht der Kontinente für das Miles&More-Punktesystem ab 2024 (ohne Gewähr)

Whenever you touch 2 of these continents (e.g. Frankfurt – New York or Panama – Bogotá) the whole thing counts as an intercontinental flight.

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