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A little over four years ago one of the most popular German travel-blogs decided to break the shackles of its native language. Since then, the site has been steadily growing (except for a major setback between March 2020 and November 2021; does anybody recall something big happening then?!). Since then, our concept – valued by readers because of its honesty and reliability – caught on internationally.

While the selection of our deals has been mostly aimed at Central and Western Europe, our reviews and guides have also attracted quite a large number of American readers – as well as other people from all over the world. That’s why we recently started to add deals departing from America to our portfolio.

Starting today, we are taking the Travel-Dealz brand to the next level. By migrating the site to the new travel-dealz.com domain, we are making the principles that made us famous more accessible all over the world. Straight and honest headlines. Detailed information about how and where to book cheap tickets. Helpful guidance based on actual experience. No longer limited to a single language, a single country, or a single continent. Welcome – to travel-dealz.com.

Cover Picture: Brett Zeck

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  1. MurrayF says:

    You are on my regular favourites list for the past 2 yrs. I also like the hotels you show on special, I have not yet built a holiday around them but if I was in Europe probably would have. Also like having the flights sorted into first/bus/prem . Thanks from a New Zealand reader.

  2. Richard Peace says:

    A great site ,it’s been my first go to site for several years and I have picked up some very good deals.
    Thank you form a UK reader.

  3. ANASTAPAP says:

    Congratulations for your new site! you have become part of our lives, hoping to get more deals departing Greece!

  4. Saul Sotelo Gallardo says:

    I’ve been reading your travel guide and tips for more than a month now and I can guarantee you that it become my favorite travel blog. Even I’m based from Mexico.
    Congratulations on your new site. Hopefully more deals from Mexico or USA can be shared on the future.

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