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Since Elon started to systematically destroy Twitter made necessary alterations to assure the long-term success of the social media platform, many people switched to Mastodon as their primary platform for short message news. So we decided to share our deals with you on Mastodon, too!

You may find us at

We currently share our deals, coupons, articles and news live from our feed.

Besides our English presence, you can also find our German site under

You can also follow our team-members (big boss and editor-in-chief) respectively:

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What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a microblogging service that is structured similarly to Twitter. The main difference is that Mastodon doesn’t use a centralized server, but a network of independent servers. Those are run by private persons, companies, associations and other entities. These servers cannot interact with each other. That is why Mastodon usernames don’t just feature a chosen synonym like @traveldealz, but also their respective server like

So the first step of setting up an account is selecting one of the numerous servers. Besides very large options like, there are multiple smaller serves focused on specific interests or geographical regions. Because each of them has their own timeline, it is very easy to find toots (what Mastodon calls its users’ content) that fit your interests and needs.

Picking the “right” server is the biggest obstacle when opening an account. Even if you are not satisfied with your selection, you can move your account to a different server anytime. You can select from a list of servers or just select, like we and many others did.

Since Mastodon is open source and its API can be used by third parties without limitations, there is also a wide array of apps that you can use to access the network. Besides the official Mastodon App for iOS and Android, there are countless other free and chargeable Apps.

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