Happy New Year!

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For the better part of the past two years, our joint favorite hobby has been made as difficult as it hasn’t been for several decades. The global spread of a dangerous disease made it necessary to restrict travel, services and everyday life to a degree most of us were never familiar with.

No matter what you missed the most, be it meeting new people in a little street side restaurant in Hanoi or sipping your champagne in a First Class lie-flat bed. Sure, travel is a luxury. But there is no shame in admitting missing it dearly.

As the beginning of a new year is a great moment to look ahead, here are some things to look forward to:

  • Easier Status Qualifications: Many frequent flyer programs like Air France KLM FlyingBlue or British Airways Executive Club make it easier to get a status or gather points until at least June 2022.
  • Cheap Premium Tickets: Lufthansa & Swiss currently run a tremendous companion sale from almost every country in Europe, with flight dates covering almost the entirety of 2022. Be sure to check it out.
  • New & Modern Airplanes: The pandemic has forced many airlines to retire older planes. While British Airways’ 747-fleet or Etihad’s A380 will surely be missed, the overall percentage of new planes, new cabins and modernized interiors has grown. Nothing beats that new-car-smell!
  • The Transatlantic Bond: Travel between Europe and North America is possible again after an 18-month hiatus. Low prices have never been this broadly available.
  • Fewer People, More Space: We still hear a lot of stories about empty economy class cabins, short waiting times and less crowded tourist destinations. Having the courage to travel right now can be very rewarding.
  • The 2020 World Expo: Until March 31, 2022, the postponed 2022 World Expo takes place in Dubai. Along with it come a lot of attractive flight deals during the exhibition. Even if you cannot visit their countries, you can meet a lot of different nationalities in Dubai!
  • Our Dealz: No matter what else 2022 has in store for us. We are going to make sure you will be up-to-date, miss no attractive offer and provide you with fresh reviews and guides throughout the upcoming 365 days. Subscribing to our newsletter is free, but opens the door to a whole new world of opportunity.
  • Your Comments: Your comments, reported deals, confirmed status matches or the occasional e-mail saying Thank You make travel-dealz worthwhile – for both creators and readers. We are very grateful for your participation and always try to respond as fast as we can.

Even if you prefer not leaving the ground until restrictions are eased and things become more predictable again: We wish you and your loved ones the best of the best in the upcoming twelve months.

Ditmar, Dennis & Felix – the travel-dealz.com crew.

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