A Calm Oasis at Munich Airport: Review of the Lufthansa Senator Café

Lufthansa Senator Cafe Bar

With the Business, Senator, and First Class Lounge – Lufthansa operates a number of exclusive waiting areas for its passengers at Munich Airport.

What is often forgotten between all the sausage and potato salad is the small Senator Café. It is practically the little brother of the Senator Lounge next door – with its own advantages. Here’s a little look inside:


The Senator Café is located near Gate G28 in the Schengen area of Munich Airport. The airport signage does not indicate this but rather directs all frequent flyers to the adjacent Senator Lounge.

Location of the Senator Café at Munich Airport in Terminal 2 (© Lufthansa)

Interestingly, the café is not included in the map on the airport website either. It is therefore best to simply use the gate number to find the café. Next to the lounge is Seafood Sylt, directly opposite Lufthansa’s Business & Senator Lounge. The small café is therefore easy to overlook.

Lufthansa Senator Cafe Eingang

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Access rules for the Senator Café are the same as for any Lufthansa lounge. You can enter with:

  • Star Alliance Gold frequent flyer status in connection with a Star Alliance flight
    • + 1 guest travelling on the same flight
  • Lufthansa Senator (or HON) status in connection with a Star Alliance flight
    • + 1 guest travelling on the same flight + children up to 18 years old
    • also arriving
  • Star Alliance first class ticket

If you “only” have a business class ticket (regardless of whether it’s a short or long haul), you’ll have to go to the Lufthansa Business Lounge. Luckily, it’s only 20 meters away.


The Senator Café is probably one of the smallest airport lounges around. But that’s what makes this small café so charming because it doesn’t want to be a huge lounge. Instead, I see it as a small, quiet retreat away from the hectic crowd.

After passing the access control, you go directly to the main area of the lounge, which is not further divided. The following picture shows about 2/3 of the entire lounge:

Lufthansa Senator Cafe Sitze 1

As you can see, there are mainly high bar stools to sit on and a few armchairs to make yourself comfortable. There are a few more tables and chairs behind the camera, but there’s not much to see there either. Overall, the Senator Café is designed for a maximum of 30 guests at a time. And then it would be uncomfortably full.

Food & Drinks

The highlight of the lounge is undoubtedly the large bar. A barista not only prepares all kinds of coffee specialities there but there are also:

  • Juices and smoothies
  • San Pellegrino mineral water
  • Soft drinks on request
  • Various sandwiches
  • Tiramisu or other desserts

All dishes can be ordered from the bartender. I’m especially a fan of the sandwiches. These can be freshly toasted on request and beat many an airport bistro.

Lufthansa Senator Cafe Bar 1
The bar – the heart of the Senator Café

Unfortunately, I don’t drink coffee, so I can’t judge the quality there. From what I’ve heard, the quality here is particularly good. You can see the huge coffee machine in the photo at the back right. There are also alcoholic beverages (wine, Bailey’s and Martinis as per the picture above).

But that’s not all. There is also a small self-service corner in the back corner of the lounge. On my last visit, I stayed from breakfast to lunch. Breakfast was yoghurt, egg, bread and not much else.

I like the selection after 11:00 much better when lunchtime begins. Then various Italian antipasti are offered, including salami, ham, Parmesan pieces, marinated olives & mushrooms and more:

Lufthansa Senator Cafe Tapas 1
Parmesan used to be served directly in the loaf – that looked even fancier, but unfortunately, it’s history

To the right of the antipasti were bread and a warm chicken dish.

I almost forgot the most important thing – meanwhile, there are macarons again. They can be found in a decorative arrangement on the bar counter (unfortunately only from noon):

Lufthansa Senator Cafe Macarons 1

What is particularly remarkable is that the quality of the food is noticeably higher than in most Lufthansa lounges. There can hardly be any talk of typical lounge food here because everything tastes really good. Just like in a small Italian café.


During my visit, only two employees were in the lounge: the lady at reception and a gentleman at the bar. But that’s completely sufficient for the small lounge.

The bartender made a very likeable impression on me. Appropriately, an Italian accent also rings through. So you really feel like you’re in Italy.


There is not much to report here. Wi-Fi is of course available, and I was able to work out of the lounge for an hour without any problems. But I forgot the speed test.

Otherwise, the only thing I noticed was that the sockets were placed a bit unfavourably under the table. But this is the case in almost every Lufthansa lounge that does not have special work areas.

There are no showers or even toilets in the lounge. But if you need one, you can always switch to the Senator & Business Lounge next door (and grab a few more bites to eat there).

Lufthansa Senator Café Munich
  • Comfort & Furnishing
  • Food & Drinks
  • Service
  • Extras

I’m a big fan of the Senator Café and would choose it over the huge Senator Lounge for a short stay. It’s even a reason for me to fly via Munich rather than Frankfurt.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, the quality of the catering dropped significantly. It’s nice that the café has now found its way back to its old strength.

Of course, a small café doesn’t offer as much as the huge lounge next door. But nobody can expect that either.

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