Hotels: How to Flexibly Search for the Cheapest Price

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Finding the cheapest price for a hotel is not so easy. Most hotel booking portals, search engines, hotel chains, and even the hotels themselves require a fixed arrival and departure date when searching for the price. There are, however, a few exceptions which we will show you in this article.

Google Hotels

Just like Google Flights, Google Hotels is a powerful tool for searching hotels. It may not (yet) be on the same level as Google Flights, but even here, Google is doing many things differently to other hotel booking sites and search engines.

The by far most interesting function is, surprise surprise, being able to flexibly find the cheapest price for a hotel in a calendar:

google hotels calendar 2
Calendar view with the prices for each night

We explain how to get there exactly in our post about Google Hotels:


Marriott will let you switch from specific dates to flexible dates, allowing you to search according to the number of nights for your stay during a certain month:

marriott search field
Search with flexible dates at Marriott

You’ll then see a calendar with the lowest prices:

marriott calendar
Calendar view for an entire month

You can even specify a specific rate or search for award nights!

You’re looking at a certain destination, but don’t exactly know where to go? You can also be flexible when selecting a destination and e.g. enter Germany. You’ll then be shown the prices for all Marriott hotels in Germany.

marriott flexible destination
Prices for all Marriott hotels in Germany on a specific date

Especially useful if you’re trying to complete a status challenge ;).


We don’t know if Hilton copied this from Marriott. In any case, the flexible search at Hilton works very similarly to Marriott’s.

You can also set a tick at My Dates are Flexible when selecting your dates:

Hilton Flexible Suche

You’ll then be shown the prices in a calendar:

Hilton Kalendersuche
Kalenderansicht für einen ganzen Monat bei Hilton

It is also possible to search for a specific rate or the amount of points needed for an award stay.

If you have a specific date, you can also flexibly search for Hilton hotels, regarding the destination:

Hilton Suche Deutschland
Search for hotels in Germany and sort the results by price


Travelodge also offers a flexible price search. In fact, this may actually be the best flexible search out of all of these! The search includes filters, meaning that you can check the price with or without breakfast/parking and even for specific room types.

You first need to click on Best Price Finder at the top of Travelodge’s homepage:

travelodge best price finder button
That’s the button you need to click

You’ll then be shown all the hotels in a location and the filters that you can use to compare the prices for the type of stay that you’re actually looking for:

travelodge best price finder
Here you see their hotels in London


Sadly only very few hotel search engines allow searching flexibly for the cheapest price – and even only very few hotel chains. If you know another way to do it, feel free to leave a comment.

Translated by Ditmar Lange

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