Miles&More Miles Expiration: How to Save Your Miles

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Miles&More only offers three options to keep your hard-earned miles after 36 months. You can, however, only keep award miles, status miles are reset every January 1st.

If award miles are not redeemed for an award in the mileage account within 36 months of the event (start of the flight in question, start of the hotel stay, start of car rental etc.), they expire by the end of the next quarter, unless a longer deadline is announced through the Miles & More communication channels.

Miles & More Terms and conditions of participation 2.5 Expiry of award miles

1. A Frequent Flyer Status

Once you reach the Frequent Traveller status, the miles no longer expire. If you fail to requalify, the miles will get a new 36-month validity period and then expire at the end of the quarter. The same applies for Senator and HON members.

Bereits mit Erreichen des Frequent Traveller Status wird der Meilenverfall ausgesetzt. Verliert man den Status wieder sind alle gesammelten Meilen ab diesen Zeitpunkt wieder 36 Monate lang gültig und verfallen dann zum Quartalsende. Das gleiche gilt für den Senator oder HON. (Source)

Award miles do not expire for members who have reached Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member status during the term of their status. Mileage expiry only becomes active again if the status is lost. Irrespective of whether they were earned before or during the term of that status, miles are valid from that point on for a further 36 months and then expire at the end of the quarter.

Miles & More FAQ

2. A Credit Card

The second option is to get a Miles&More credit card. Miles&More offers credit cards in 20 countries. The terms & conditions vary somewhat from country to country, so make sure to check your country’s terms.

The expiry stops the day your credit card is issued, which could take some days or weeks. Therefore, this is not a short-term solution that you can try out a couple of days before your miles expire.

If you cancel your credit card, the miles will be valid for another 3 months after the end of the quarter. Award miles that are over 36 months old at that point will expire.

3. Pay to Extend your Miles

The Extend Miles site by Loylogic lets you extend your miles for another 36 months. The extension costs roughly 1 cent per mile. You need to log in to Loylogic’s site using your Miles&More credentials and then follow the instructions.

Rules and restrictions
  • Members must be over 18 years old to use Extend Miles
  • Members need to have a minimum amount of miles expiring in the current quarter to participate in the transaction.
  • Minimum qualifying transaction for Extend Miles is 500 miles.
  • Miles once extended and extend fees paid are non-refundable.
  • Mileage rates and other applicable fees may change over time.
  • Miles are extended for at least 36 months. If the extended miles are not redeemed for an award in the mileage account within 36 months of the event, they expire by the end of the next quarter, unless a longer deadline is announced through the Miles & More communication channels.
  • The date and amount of the expired miles will be indicated separately in the Miles & More account information or in the member’s individual online mileage account at least one quarter before the expiry date concerned.
  • To be able to use Extend Miles, you must have collected at least one award mile from one of our partners, i.e. flight booking, WorldShop.

4. Minors

JetFriends is the small Miles&More for kids/teenagers until their 18th birthday. The advantage here is that their award miles don’t expire.

By registering for the Miles & More program, you automatically become a member of the JetFriends program of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Members can be between 2 and 18 years of age. Upon registration you will receive a Welcome Bonus of 500 award miles, and your award miles will be protected from expiration so long as you remain a JetFriends Member. Mileage expiration starts if you terminate your membership or once you reach the age of majority. If you have any questions about registration or need help, you can reach us via the contact form.


The normal 36 month-period starts at the 18th birthday.

When do my Miles Expire?

In your mileage account, you’ll see the expiration date below your account summary.

If you have a Miles&More status or credit card, which stops your miles from expiring, you’ll instead see this:

Your award miles are protected against expiry due to your mileage protection.

no expiry miles and more
This can be seen in your mileage account

Frequently Asked Questions

When do award miles expire?

Miles&More lets award miles expire 36 months after you earnt them, at the end of the quarter (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, or December 31st). There are exceptions for status holders, minors, and credit card owners.

When do status miles expire?

Miles&More status miles always expire on December 31st of the same calendar year in which they were earnt. There is no way to stop them from expiring.

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  1. Isolde Schmidt says:

    I tried to get a credit card for years, and no reply. I want to use it in Costa Rica, so I don`t want it to be charged on my German bank account.
    In this article, you mentioned an international credit card. I could use it a lot and earn miles, too.

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