Perks for Cash – Looking at Wizz Air’s Discount Club, Privilege Pass and Multipass

Wizz Air Airbus A321

European low-cost airline, Wizz Air currently offers three separate paid membership programs, each offering different benefits. The so-called Privilege Pass which imitates a status for money, the Discount Club which offers €10 off each flight and the Multipass which offers free monthly flights all sound exciting.

The most imporant information ahead: The three options are not tier levels with the higher tier including all perks of the lower ones. They are three seperate offerings that can be purchased individually and coming with its own set of benefits. But one may question if each is worth it as a passenger or just another way to increase the carrier’s ancillary revenues.

In this article, we take a detailed look at:

  • Wizz Air Discount Club: The original subscription service of the airline, the most famous perk is a €10 discount on almost all fares €20 or higher. Wizz Air offers an altered version of it in Italy.
  • Wizz Air Privilege Pass: A more expensive offering that will include priority boarding, seat selection and a cabin bag in all your Wizz Air bookings.
  • Wizz Air Multipass: Basically a prepaid flight pass which grants you six free flights within half a year – but is only available in Italy and Poland.

Wizz Air Multipass

A new addition to the airline’s membership arsenal is the Wizz Multipass. However, if you don’t fly out of Poland or within Italy regularly, you can skip to the Discount Club. The Multipass is a monthly membership programme allowing you to take one one-way or return flight a month within the selected area of validity.

The Cost & Conditions of Wizz Air’s Multipass

Currently, the pass is available in Italy for domestic routes (which is a total of six routes for the winter schedule) and in Poland for international ones. There is a six months-long commitment and you must book your flight five days in advance. You can find the prices (as of December 2023) below:

Price (one-way)€37 per monthPLN 239 (~€55) per month
Price (return)€74 per monthPLN 478 (~€111) per month
Priority boarding + carry-onAdds €18 / €36 per monthAdds PLN 105 (~€24) / PLN 210 (~€49) per month
Checked luggage (20 kg)Adds €27 / €54 per monthAdds PLN 172 (~€40) / PLN 344 (~€80) per month

You can check the Polish network and the Italian summer network on Wizz Air’s flight map. We collected the (very few) Italian domestic routes that operate through the winter below:

Wizz Air’s domestic Italian routes for Winter 2023-2024


The devastatingly low amount of domestic Italian flights (and their usual lower-than-€35 price) makes it hard for anyone to use the Italian pass sensibly. However, the Polish pass also includes interesting destinations like Madeira, Tenerife or Georgia. Flights to these destinations usually cost more than the monthly cost of the pass. If you live in Poland and are ready for an adventure, this may actually be for you.

Wizz Discount Club (WDC)

Wizz Air has an interesting solution to value loyalty. By buying a membership, you can save money on flights for a whole year, together with some savings on luggage and onboard food. To make it even better, the membership is valid for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi as well. The only exception is the Italian domestic network which has its own Italy Discount Club programme.

Costs & Benefits of Wizz Discount Club

For just €35 (one companion) or €70 (five companions) a year, you can get ~€10 discount per person per flight in addition to a discount on bags. An important addition is that the discount only applies to flights which cost more than €20. (Although they usually put a smaller discount on cheaper flights which will reduce the fare to €10.

Please note that Wizz Air usually sells tickets in the currency of the departure country. For these flights, they convert the savings to the local currency, which can happen at pretty bad rates.

You also get €5 off of the 20kg and 32 kg checked luggage options. In a recent update, Wizz also discounted some onboard sales products for WDC members. The best one is the one-time 20% discount on Wizz Café prices on Wizz Air Abu Dhabi flights, the other discounts are available with a free membership.

Italy Discount Club

Wizz Air has a separate discount club for Italian domestic flights. For €20 per year for one companion or €35 per year for four companions, you can have €10 off from flights costing at least €20 or €5 off for flights costing between €15 and €20. Other than its validity area, one significant difference to the standard discount club is that you get €2 off from priority boarding (which includes a large carry-on). Although, you won’t get discounts on checked bags.


Wizz Discount Club discounts all but Italian domestic flights. Italy Discount Club discounts only Italian domestic flights.

italy discount club screen
italy discount club vce pmo

Thanks to its lower price, the Italy Discount Club already pays off after one round-trip for one person.

Free Light Membership?

Together with the Wizz Café offers, the airline introduced a free tier for newsletter subscribers. However, the only benefit is a selection of coupons for onboard sales. In September, these savings are approximately €0.5-€3 off Café items and €3-€35 off Boutique items (you need to combine items for these discounts). You also need to download the airline’s app to access these coupons. You can get the free membership from your profile.

How to Acquire WDC?

To get a Wizz Air Discount Club (WDC) membership, you need to select the WDC price when you search for flights (see in the above gallery). After that, you will have to accept the terms and add WDC to your basket. The membership will be valid for one year after the date of the booking. This means that you can book fares with a WDC discount for one calendar year. Your trip can be after the expiration date as the booking date matters.

wdc process 1
After selecting your flights, you will have to add the membership to your booking
wdc price 1
You will then be able to see it in your basket.


If you are booking:

  • a round-trip for two persons or
  • four one-way flights for one person,

then it is definitely worth it to buy the Standard membership. If a family goes on a round trip, the group membership will also immediately pay off. Otherwise, you can still register for the free light membership.

Privilege Pass

In contrast to the other memberships, the Privilege Pass is supposed to be an easyJet Plus alternative (but with fewer benefits). However, its price of €249 (which is suspiciously similar to easyJet’s £215 (~€251) price tag) can be difficult to justify even for Wizz frequent flyers like editor, Miklós. Especially since it used to cost €99 and – until a while ago – €199. One may wonder: what are the benefits of this programme?

The Benefits of Privilege Pass

  • WIZZ Priority (incl. check-in, boarding and a large carry-on): WIZZ Priority is a “bundle” that allows you to bring a carry-on bag measuring 55 x 45 x 23 cm onboard in addition to a personal item measuring 40 x 30 x 20 cm. While it lets you board the aircraft early, it also allows about 20-100 other people with priority boarding to do the same. You can also check in at the priority counter with the same issue as above.
  • Free seat selection (incl. extra legroom): As Wizz Air is opening more and more 4-6 hours long flights on planes with 28-inch legroom, the ability to spread out on such flights is more and more tempting. With the Privilege Pass, you can select any seat for free.

Seats 1A and 1F are used to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility and therefore you may need to give up your seat if needed.

If your aircraft type is changed, you may find your emergency exit seat switched to a normal one. The emergency exits are located in the following rows for each aircraft:

  • A320 & A320neo: 12-13
  • A321ceo: 11 & 26 with 12A & 12F also having extra legroom
  • A321neo: 18, 19 & 29

Unfortunately, that’s it, the airline doesn’t include free earlier flights (like easyJet) nor its popular WIZZ Flex service.

How does Privilege Pass Compare to the Airline’s Volatile Add-on Pricing?

As Wizz Air has different prices for add-ons depending on your route and travel date, we picked random dates for four distinct routes and outlined the add-ons for these routes:

  • Vienna, Austria – Abu Dhabi, UAE (5+ hours) on October 6, 2023
    • Priority boarding: €45
    • Seat 1C (extra legroom): €34
    • Seat 3F: €25
    • Seat 18F (overwing exit): €34
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – Malé, Maldives (5+ hours) on October 7, 2023
    • Priority boarding: AED 87 (~€22)
    • Seat 1F (extra legroom): AED 125 (~€31)
    • Seat 3F: AED 103 (~€26)
    • Seat 18F (overwing exit): AED 116 (~€29)
  • Split, Croatia – Vienna, Austria (1h) on October 4, 2023
    • Priority boarding: €34
    • Seat 1F (extra legroom): €20
    • Seat 3F: €19
    • Seat 18F (overwing exit): €22
  • Tallinn, Estonia – London, UK (3 hours) on October 2, 2023
    • Priority boarding: €28
    • Seat 1B (extra legroom): €28
    • Seat 3F: €19
    • Seat 18F (overwing exit): €22
wizz air seat selection

As seen above, priority prices have nothing to do with flight length, but more with demand. Seating prices are also interesting. In many cases, seats 1C or 1B are more expensive than 1F and they have little correlation to the flight length.


Unlike in the other memberships, it’s much more difficult to give a verdict that can be universally applied to readers. It all comes down to your travel habits and your cost-value evaluation. If I only care about carry-on and I value it at €20, I’d need 13 flights to pay it off. However, if one is flying frequently between Europe and the Middle East, they may value an emergency row seat at €20 too, making a value out of just 7 flights. However, if you do not fly Wizz frequently, it’s better to just ignore this product.

Compare Wizz Air’s Membership Programmes & Benefits

In the table below, we compare the main characteristics of each program (and regional variations):

ProgramDiscount ClubItaly Discount ClubPrivilege Pass
Yearly Price€35 (1 person)
€70 (5 persons)
€20 (1 person)
€35 (5 persons)
Validity¹One yearOne yearOne year
Discount on flights²€10€10No discount
Priority boarding + carry-onNo discount€2 discountIncluded
Checked luggage³€5 discountNo discountNo discount
Seat selectionNo discountNo discountIncluded incl. extra legroom seats
PurchaseDuring flight bookingDuring flight bookingAnytime
¹Starts with the subscprition
²Minimum fare €19.99
³Only on 20kg or 32kg bags


Wizz Air is a low-cost airline, which gets a huge chunk (48% in the last financial year) of its revenue through ancillary revenues (=add-ons, fines, memberships; services over the ticket price). To achieve this, they offer different bundles and a really confusing add-on pricing. These memberships are a great way to get a larger chunk of money from customers and motivate them to use the airline and spend more. While this can translate to benefits to the customers, it can also be a “service” with the sole purpose of confusing them into buying more (for example automated check-in).

While there are use cases for each membership (except the Italian Multipass for the winter period), we recommend evaluating one’s travel habits, needs, and the financial sense for each membership.

Cover Picture: © Wizz Air

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