Book Hyatt Privé Hotels Online: $100 Hotel Credit, Free Breakfast, etc.

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Imagine booking a stay at an Andaz, Park Hyatt, or Alila and getting a lot of additional benefits, such as a free upgrade, US$100 (~€93) of hotel credit, or free breakfast. That is, in fact, possible. How? Through the Hyatt Privé program!

This, however, can only be booked through an authorized travel agency. Normally, this is only possible offline or via email. Through our partnership with Classictravel, however, you can now also book online:

Here’s an overview of the participating hotels with a direct link to Classictravel:

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Read on to find out more about the Hyatt Privé program:


You’ll get all sorts of benefits through the Hyatt Privé program, which will undoubtedly sweeten your stay. At most hotels, you’ll already get these benefits for a single night. Some hotels, however, expect you to stay for at least 2 nights to get the following benefits:

  • Free breakfast for 2 people
  • US$100 (~€93) hotel and resort credit for spa treatments, food, drinks, bar, room service, etc. (only for food & drinks at some hotels)
  • Early check-in and late check-out (based on availability)
  • Free room upgrade (at arrival, based on availability)
  • Guests will receive a welcome gift (depending on the hotel and brand)
  • Free wifi

Furthermore, you should know that Hyatt Privé bookings count as direct Hyatt Bookings. Therefore, you’ll also receive World of Hyatt points for your stays and any status benefits that may apply to you.

How Expensive are Hyatt Privé Bookings?

Generally one could say that booking through Hyatt Privé costs the same as the room’s best available rate (with full flexibility).

On Classictravel, you’ll instantly see the room rate without having to check the price on Hyatt’s website. However, the rates are only shown once you registered and logged in.

When is a Hyatt Privé Booking Worth it?

To keep it short: Hyatt Privé makes sense in the vast majority of cases for stays of 1 to 3 days. In many cases, the more expensive price of the flexible rate is still worth it if you think about the benefits. If you always want to book the flexible rate anyways, then Hyatt Privé is almost always the better option. The exception is if you stay for a very long amount of time (> 10 days): Then the member discount could outweigh the benefits.

In the end, you can always create a small calculation and make a comparison. You have to take the US$100 (~€93) hotel credit into consideration. But careful: I believe that US$100 (~€93) hotel credit is not worth US$100 (~€93). Why? Because you’d get certain services elsewhere for a fraction of the hotel’s price. Laundry services, for instance, often only cost a fifth, or even tenth, elsewhere than what you’d pay at a Hyatt hotel. The same applies to massages and restaurants. I always consider the US$100 (~€93) hotel credit to be worth roughly US$50 (~€47) for my bookings.

If you don’t hold a Hyatt status, then the other benefits also give you an additional monetary value. The free breakfast can save you up to US$30 (~€28) per day. It’s hard to put a monetary value on the early check-in and late check-out. That would vary for each individual. Should the late check-out be important to you on a specific date, it may be worth 50% of the room price (e.g. if you can stay until 16:00)


Time needed: 15 minutes

This is how you can simply book Hyatt Privé hotels online:

  1. Go to and enter your travel data:

    Step 1 How to book hyatt prive

  2. To book the Hyatt Privé rates, you need to sign up at Classictravel

    Step 2 How to book hyatt prive

  3. Enter guest information

    Step 3 How to book hyatt prive (new)

  4. Enter the billing information (check “same as guest info” if you’re booking for yourself)

    Step 4 How to book hyatt prive

  5. Double-check everything and if everything look good: book!

    Step 5 How to book hyatt prive

Participating Hotels

Here are the direct links to each hotel, which you can book through Classictravel:

Andaz Hotels

You can book 22 hotels of Hyatt’s Andaz portfolio through Classictravel, with Hyatt Privé benefits. Most of them are located in the USA.

Alila Hotels

The following Alila hotels can be booked through Classictravel with all Hyatt Privé benefits:

Park Hyatt Hotels

Every Park Hyatt hotel can be booked through Classictravel with Hyatt Privé benefits. Currently, there are 41 Park Hyatt hotels in Hyatt’s portfolio.

Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency & The Unbound Collection

You can also book some other hotels from Hyatt’s portfolio through Classictravel. There will, however, be booked with Virtuoso benefits instead of Hyatt Privé benefits. Nevertheless, Virtuoso is very similar to Hyatt Privé, with only minor differences regarding the benefits.

You can book the following hotels with Virtuoso:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyatt Privé?

Hyatt Privé is a program for travel agencies and travel agents, with which they can offer you some benefits for your bookings. The program is exclusively available for authorized partners.

Where can I book Hyatt Privé?

Normally, you’d have to do the entire thing offline or via email with an authorized travel agency. Through our partnership with Classictravel, however, you can now also book the stays comfortably online.

What benefits are there?

You’ll get free breakfast for 2 people, US$100 (~€93) credit for spa treatments, restaurant bills, room service, laundry service, etc. (sometimes only for food & drinks), an upgrade based on availability, early check-in, late check-out (based on availability), free wifi, and a welcome gift (depending on the brand and hotel).

What is the cancellation policy for Hyatt Privé bookings?

The bookings are normally very flexible and can often be canceled up until the day of arrival. Nevertheless, always look at the conditions before booking, as some bookings can only be canceled up to 3 days before arrival.

How expensive are rooms with Hyatt Privé?

Normally, the room rate per night through Hyatt Privé costs the same as the best available rate (flexible, without member discount).

Translated by Ditmar Lange

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