Amazing: 900 Lounges worldwide for $10/Visit (Partially Even for Free)

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The Duty-Free shop Dufry is currently gifting its Platinum Status of their own bonus program. Apart from a 10% discount on your purchases, you’ll also get lounge access. At some airports, e.g. Basel Skyview Lounge, you’ll get one free access per month or can visit over 900 lounges for US$10 (~€9) per visit thanks to a partnership with Dragon Pass (similar to Priority Pass).


We do not know if Dufry is intentionally gifting the Platinum status. The promotional code can be deactivated at any time and your benefits could be canceled. So, only buy the $10 lounge passes if you’re going to use them in the near future (today, if possible).

Time needed: 10 minutes

This is how you get the Platinum Status at Dufry and then activate the Dragon Pass:

  1. Download the app

    First, you have to download the Dufry app for iOS or Android. You could also register over your browser, but you’ll need the app for step 4.

  2. Signing up at Dufry

    You then have to sign up at Dufry. After entering your personal data, you have to enter the following promotional code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY2020

  3. Verifying the Platinum status

    You can then go to the tab My Card in the app and should be able to see the Platinum Card there. That means that you have Dufry Red’s highest status!
    Should you not see the Platinum status, go to My Profile and add the promotional code from step 1 to your profile.

  4. Getting the Dragon Pass

    Next, you go to the Enjoy tab in the app and select an airport, at which Dufry has a shop, e.g. London-Heathrow LHR. Under Airport Benefits, you’ll find various lounges. If, for instance, you select the Club Aspire Lounge as a Platinum and scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the offer As a Platinum member you pay only USD10 per lounge acces […] With one click on the button below, you’ll reach a form, which informs you that your data will be transfered to Dragon Pass. Accept the terms and click on Submit.
    Dufry Red Loungezugang

  5. Dragon Pass access

    After a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with your access data for Dragon Pass. You can log in over the Dragon Pass app for iOS or Android. If your access data doesn’t work, don’t use the Membership number but your email address as username instead. By the way, these special conditions are officially valid for one year.

  6. Purchasing lounge access

    In the Dragon Pass app, you can then switch to the tab My Cards. Click on Add Visit(s). Now you should be shown the price of USD 10,00 per visit. You can charge your Dragon Pass account with that amount and redeem it at any participating lounge (even at airports where Dufry does not have a shop).
    Dragon Pass Loungezugang 10USD

Free Lounges

There also seem to be some lounges, at which the Dufry Platinum status grants you limited access completely for free:

  • Basel Skyview Lounge: 1 free access per month (Review)

If you find other lounges, please leave a comment!

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