Hertz: Rent a Tesla Model 3 or Y in the US Starting at €190/Week


The US car rental company Hertz has ordered 100,000 Model 3 and Model Y from Tesla. The supply sometimes exceeds demand, so these are often not much or only slightly more expensive than other cars.

For instance, if you want to rent a Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles for 7 days, prices start at €190. For a little more, you can also choose a Tesla Model Y with more space for passengers and luggage.

To get these prices, you need to use this CDP (basically a discount code): 907026.


You can find this rate on most European Hertz websites (e.g. Hertz.co.uk), but not on the American website.

For some reason, the option to enter contact details disappears when trying to change citizenship on Hertz’s website. Therefore, we recommend booking on your corresponding local website.

The prices mentioned here (when booking via Hertz.co.uk) already include liability insurance with no deductible. All taxes and fees are also included.


We have chosen the prices for prepayment in each case. In this case, there is a fee of $100 for cancellation before rental, double within 24 hours. Only changes are possible free of charge.

We recommend the “pay later” option; then, you can cancel anytime before rental for free. This often costs only €10 to €15 extra per rental.

Example Prices

We have researched prices for some dates in December at various locations. We found the best price in Los Angeles, but e.g. San Francisco or New York are not much more expensive.

The example prices given here vary widely depending on the travel period. As a rule, the later the booking, the better the price. But feel free to try it yourself for your desired date.

  • 1 week in Los Angeles (e.g. December 7 to 14, 2023):
    • Model 3 for US$208 (~€191)
    • Model Y for US$237 (~€218)
  • 1 week in New York LGA (e.g. December 1 to 8, 2023):
    • Model 3 for US$227 (~€209)
    • Model Y for US$282 (~€259)
  • 1 week in San Francisco (e.g. December 8 to 15, 2023):
    • Model 3 for US$237 (~€218)
    • Model Y for US$294 (~€270)
  • 1 week in San Antonio (e.g. December 1 to 8, 2023):
    • Model 3 for US$241 (~€222)
  • 1 week in Boston (e.g. December 8 to 15, 2023):
    • Model 3 for US$242 (~€223)
    • Model Y for US$282 (~€259)

You need to enter 907026 as CDP (“Corporate Discount Number”) when booking. The discount should then be applied automatically:

My experiences with the Model Y from Hertz

In September, we rented a Model Y for a nearly 1-week trip through the Northeastern United States (at that time for around €300). The handover of the car went smoothly, and the most important accessories were in the car: a charging cable for regular US sockets and an adapter for non-Tesla charging stations (Type 2).

Except for a Renault Zoe from Sixt, I hadn’t driven electric cars before. Despite minor issues (e.g., unreliable rain sensor), driving was enjoyable overall and is a different feeling than with the typical midsize SUV. Unlike the Model 3, the Model Y offers sufficient space for luggage.

At Hertz (unlike, e.g. Avis), it is now possible to link rental cars with your own Tesla app. Through this, you can e.g. monitor the charge level and pre-cool the car.

Be careful with toll roads. To avoid falling into the same trap as I did, take a look at the following article:

Charging & Consumption

The easiest way to charge is at the Tesla Supercharger. The charging process takes about half an hour for a charge from 20% to 80%. At least in the eastern USA, you can find Superchargers everywhere, so range is not a problem. Registration is not necessary, and the costs are passed on 1:1 by Hertz or Tesla.

The price at the Supercharger is around 40 US cents per kilowatt-hour in the USA. With a consumption of just under 20 kWh / 100 km, this results in costs of about €8 per 100 kilometres driven. This is roughly the same as with a gasoline car but varies greatly depending on the car and, above all, the state.

Tesla Supercharger USA

However, electric cars have a crucial advantage: they can be charged for free at some public parking lots, shopping centres, and, above all, hotels. It is much slower, but at least overnight at the hotel, the battery can be easily charged via a Type 2 charging station. And there, you don’t have to worry about blocking fees. Where else can you refuel for free?


The website plugshare.com helps you find free charging stations. It often also shows whether or how many spaces are still available.

Translated and edited by Ditmar

Cover Picture: © VadimGuzhva - stock.adobe.com

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