Lufthansa Announces New Allegris Destinations: Chicago, Montreal, Shanghai & San Francisco Starting this Summer

Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Sitze

Only a few days left, then the time has finally come: More than 6 years after the initial announcement, the new Lufthansa business class will take off for the first time. The inaugural flight is currently planned from Munich to Vancouver on May 1, 2024. Starting from May 2, the Allegris product will also be available on flights to Toronto.

Now, there are further details on what will happen this summer. Because from July/August, the Allegris cabin will be deployed on four other routes:

  • From July 2024: Munich – Chicago
  • From July 2024: Munich – Montreal
  • From August 2024: Munich – Shanghai
  • From August 2024: Munich – San Francisco

In return, the Airbus A350s with Allegris cabin will be removed from the Toronto and Vancouver routes from July onwards. By the way, the new cabin not only affects the business class product. There are also new seats in the premium economy & economy class.

Seat Map Not Available Until 3 Weeks Before Departure

So far, it is not clear exactly which flights will have the new cabin and which will not. For instance, someone looking for a flight to Chicago in July will find two possible cabins in the seat map: either the ancient business class in a 2-2-2 arrangement or the former Philippine Airlines aircraft (arrangement 1-2-1). Neither of them has anything to do with Allegris.

Lufthansa recently announced that there should be some planning security about 3 weeks before departure. Flights with the new cabin will then be highlighted directly during the booking process, just like currently to Canada:

So it’s too early to select a desired flight specifically for the new cabin. But at least we now know to which destinations there are chances, and to which destinations there aren’t.

During the introductory phase, the business class Suite (with doors) at the bulkhead is exclusively available to Senators & HON Circle Members:

The Business Class Suite will be available exclusively to HON Circle Members and Senators during the introductory phase.

Later, they will presumably only be available for an additional charge. Most customers will also have to pay for seats with longer beds, larger storage space, etc. in the medium term. However, details on this are still pending.

Source: Lufthansa

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