Lufthansa Student Fare from France: Up to €50 Discount, 2 x 23 kg of Luggage & Other Benefits

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Interesting student discounts at airlines are very rare. Students departing from France, however, can currently book an exclusive fare with Lufthansa:

It is available for worldwide destinations and promises a discount of up to €50 compared to regular fares, more luggage (2 x 23 kg) and free rebooking (plus fare difference) and cancellations for a fee. It is currently possible to travel in economy class until June 30, 2023. You can not only fly with Lufthansa but with almost all airlines that can also be booked on Lufthansa’s website (Austrian, Swiss, other Star Alliance members, etc.).

In practice, not every destination can be discounted. Flights to North America often cost more than the regular fare with luggage. But thanks to the already attractive offers from France, many inexpensive trips can be made. Short-haul flights are currently available from €155, e.g. to Vilnius. It gets more interesting on long-haul routes, e.g. from €441 to Phuket or Bangkok.

Benefits of the exclusive fare for students


In order to be able to book the flights, the following requirements must be met:

  • Full-time student
  • At least 18 years old
  • Book the flights with a valid student e-mail address.

Proof of your student status may also be requested at check-in or at the gate (e.g. student ID or letter of admission). Anyone who does not have a student e-mail address can send an e-mail to

Example Prices

On short-haul flights, you will receive a discount of up to €10 compared to the fare with luggage. Up to €50 on long-haul routes. In addition, you have better conditions in the student fare (2 x 23 kg of luggage, rebooking, etc.).

Below we have put together some attractive prices for the student fare, along with the regular price for the fare with baggage in brackets. Note that the fare without baggage is cheaper.


  • Strasbourg – Vilnius for €155 (instead of €165)
  • Strasbourg – Belgrade for 164 (instead of €174)
  • Strasbourg – Bergen for €172 (instead of €182)
  • Strasbourg – Tunis for €174 (instead of €184)


  • Strasbourg – Dubai for €372 (instead of €422)
  • Paris – Mombasa for €427 (instead of €477)
  • Paris – Phuket for €441 (instead of €491)
  • Paris – Hong Kong for €443 (instead of €493)
  • Paris – Johannesburg for €447 (instead of €497)
  • Paris – Bangkok for €450 (instead of €500)

Search & Book

You can use the Lufthansa best price search or Google Flights to search. There you will initially only see the price for the cheapest fare (mostly Light, sometimes Basic).

You can book the student fare using the form that is displayed on the landing page:

Alternatively, you can simply use our form and after entering all the data you will be forwarded directly to Lufthansa:

On the flight selection page, the student fare is marked with a blue dot:

lufthansa student fare

And finally, you get cheaper flights:

Student fare from Paris to Phuket for €441 (instead of €491)

Don’t forget to use your student email address when booking.

The following companies also have special discounts for students:

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