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Have you always wanted to drive around Europe, America or Australia in an RV? But you don’t have the necessary money? Several companies offer you to transfer vehicles from A to B on their behalf. You save the rental money – and the company doesn’t have to hire a transfer driver. The concept is not new and quite clever.

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Imoova: Europe, Down Under, and America offers a particularly large number of routes worldwide. On behalf of various car rental companies, you transfer RVs and other vehicles from one place to another. Usually, only $1 to $5 per day (sometimes +$25 booking fee) and some connections even come with a free gas tank voucher on top. Alternatively, coseats is also a good site.


You should note the following terms:

  • There is usually a booking fee of $25!
  • The relocation period is limited, often to a few days
  • Comprehensive insurance with a $1,000 deductible is usually included
  • In some cases there is a kilometer limit
  • You have to leave a deposit of about $75
  • Some vouchers are given for refueling (depending on the route)
  • In some cases, the vehicle may be returned with an empty gas tank
  • Bed linen etc. is not included
  • You can use camping gas free of charge, the bottle can be returned empty

More Relocation Deals

You can find more deals for RV relocations at low cost here:

Important: Gather Enough Information!

Before you get into this, you should read up on the topic, e.g. this relocation guide from Thrifty Nomads is informative.

Above all, you should inform yourself about the costs of the journey before booking. Although flights to the USA are currently quite cheap, they are still a cost factor. Possibly, you’ll also have to rent a car to get to the RV rental company.

Cover Picture: Photo by RV Talk on Unsplash

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  1. Jaks says:

    Another good option to avoid the booking fees from Imoova, is where you can find free RV, campervan and home exchanges. Thank you for the post!

  2. Torsten says:

    Imoova charge a $35 booking fee. You can get exactly the same relocation offers without the booking fee on Happy travels!

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