Lufthansa/Swiss Partner Special: FIRST at €1,925 & Business at €879 From Italy

Swiss 777 First Class

From time to time, airlines decide to reward those who travel together with others. The result is a so-called partner or companion special. And currently, Lufthansa and Swiss are running exactly such a sale for flights departing from Italy. If you book a trip for yourself and at least another person, you can get tickets for first and business class flights to various destinations worldwide. Pricing starts at €1,925 for first class flights and €879 per person for business class flights to Dubai.


Worldwide travel restrictions are in place to slow the spread of Covid-19. We strongly recommend gathering detailed information about the travel and quarantine restrictions that apply to your desired origin and destination.

A good start is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website. It provides current updates on a country’s current immigration policies. Even better, the Covid-19 Travel Regulations Map is one of the most useful tools you can find.

Changing dates on Lufthansa or Swiss tickets is possible without paying a fee, but you will have to pay the price difference if you (not the airline) cancel your flight. This can easily exceed €1,000 in cost. Further, tickets sold during this promotion will not be refunded if cancelled.

The list of destinations is not exactly short. The prices below show the best value for money for departures from Milan. But you can get similar offers if you want to fly out of other Italian airports, such as Rome, Bologna, Naples, Venice and many more.

First Class

  • Dubai at €1,925
  • Bangkok at €2,149
  • Johannesburg at €2,299
  • Shanghai at €2,349
  • Singapore at €2,499
  • Hong Kong at €2,499

Business Class

  • New Delhi at €879
  • Dubai at €893
  • Singapore at €1,100
  • Bangkok at €1,199
  • São Paulo at €1,199
  • Hong Kong at €1,199
  • Seoul at €1,199
  • Bogotá at €1,199
  • Tokyo at €1,349
  • Osaka at €1,349

In rare occurrence for these sales, even American cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York are included, starting at €1,249.

Your trip will always include one layover. Depending on the carrier, this will often be Frankfurt or Zurich. From there, it very much depends on your destination, what aircraft you will fly in. But no matter where your journey might take you. On the long-haul flights, the airlines will always operate planes equipped with lie-flat seats.


On some routes, you have the choice between Swiss and Lufthansa. We recommend booking Swiss, as all their long haul planes still feature a First Class cabin. In contrast, Lufthansa is phasing most of their First Class equipped airplanes out.

Search & Book

According to the fare rules, tickets will be sold until November 22, 2020. Usually the cheap seats won’t last that long, however the Covid-19 pandemic unsurprisingly changed that. The offer is valid for trips commencing between today and October 31, 2021.

Normally, you can find available dates quickly & easily using Google Flights. Sadly, the tool does not display price correctly (yet). It is easier to directly search and book on the websites of Lufthansa or Swiss, as both airlines preview availabilities with a calendar. We strongly recommend going this way.

LX Calendar AMS BKK
Why is booking with an airline better than with an online travel agency?

More often than not, online travel agencies offer lower fares than airlines do. We still recommend booking with the airlines directly. There are two main reasons for that:

Better Customer Service
In case any problems like delays, cancellations or missed connections arise, you can communicate directly with the airline. The airline has to take care of you because you have a contract with them.

If a travel agency issues your ticket, you may have to reach out to them first. You also depend on your OTA to forward information like flight changes instead of receiving them directly from the airline. In many cases, you may get a prime exhibition of responsibility shifting rather than problem-solving.

This especially applies to premium tickets. You don’t want to spend more than €1,000 to wind up with some budget OTA’s telephone hotline in case anything goes wrong.

Baggage and Other Fees
Economy fares not including hold luggage are industry standard by now. In most cases, travel agencies charge much higher baggage fees than the airlines themselves. If bags are not included in your fare, airlines are often the cheaper alternative.

This also applies to other things like food services, insurances or priority treatment. In almost all cases, you pay less for additional amenities when booking on the airlines’ website.


Tickets for Business Class flights will be issued in booking class P. A return flight to Singapore will earn you around 14.000 tier miles but only 4.000 to 6.000 revenue-based award miles.

Travelling First Class will result in booking class A for international flights and J for inner European connection flights. Meaning a roundtrip from Miland to Buenos Aires gives you 46.888 miles in Miles&More, Aegeans’ Miles+Bonus & SAS’ EuroBonus among others.

If you’re a member of a different frequent flyer program or if your route is not one of the examples mentioned above, check to find check your earning rate.

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    Looking for good deals ?

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    My husband and I would travel first class (or Business) from STR/FRA/MUC to BKK on Dec.29(or 28th),2019, further onward to HKT on Jan.3rd,2020, and return from Phuket on Jan.22nd, 2020.
    Have you perhaps got nice and reasonable dealz for us?
    Thanks in advance

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      Hi there and thanks for reaching out to us! If you’re looking for flights departing in Germany, we would recommend visiting our other site, Also, we’d be happy to see you signing up for our newsletter. That way, you will always be the first to know about great offers.

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