Air France Newsreel: New First Class Seats Announced, Expensive Airport Services Introduced

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Not only Paris but also Air France is getting ready for the 2024 Olympic games in July. Expecting a big influx of prominent passengers, the French airline has introduced some luxurious new aspects at its hub. But the airline also intends to boost its high-end portfolio beyond the Olympics, offering new first-class seats, which will apparently be the longest of any airline. Here’s all that La Première guests can look forward to soon:

Suites available upon request (for €800)

La Première (first class) passengers will now have an exclusive check-in lobby, offering them privacy from non-first guests. Then, they get to enter the 1,000 m2 La Première lounge. These, however, are the only free additions to the La Première experience at Charles-de-Gaulle.

Connected to this La Première lounge are three new suites. These are basically hotel rooms, almost 45 m2 large. In fact, they are incredibly expensive hotel rooms, as the prices start at €800. I can only imagine that these suites are aimed at first-class travellers with very long layovers in Paris, who don’t wish to (or can’t) exit the airport and require absolute privacy.

image 509
The new suites of the La Première lounge © Air France

New Conciergerie Services (starting at €300)

Air France has also introduced a Conciergerie service. This service is not limited to La Première passengers but is open to anyone willing to pay a hefty sum for them. This is what Air France now offers:

Before Departure

If you’re beginning your trip in Paris (or flying back home from Paris), you can get the following services now:

  • Private transfer to the airport from anywhere in central Paris, the inner suburbs, or within a 40 km radius of Paris CDG airport.
  • A concierge greets you when you exit the car
  • You get to use the Sky Priority counter for check-in

This service costs €400 for one passenger and €50 more per person for up to 3 further passengers. The price explodes from 5 passengers, jumping to €950.

Basically, you’re paying €400 for a taxi and someone to show you where the check-in counter is. Sky Priority is included anyways from premium economy onwards, and it’s hard to imagine any economy class passenger paying for this ridiculous service.

In transit

If you’re only connecting between flights at Charles-de-Gaulle airport, you can now pay for someone to greet you when you get off the plane and accompany you to your gate. That’s all. This idiotic service is supposed to cost €300 + €50 per person for up to 3 further passengers. For 5, the price jumps to a ludicrous €750. This is for a service that is basically free for anyone with the slightest mobility issues. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind paying for this.

On arrival

The benefits of the last categories are unsurprisingly not much better than those of previous categories. If you’re arriving at Charles-de-Gaulle airport and intend to stay in Paris, being greeted as you disembark, accompanied to the baggage claim, and driven to your destination will cost just as much as the Before Departure service, i.e. €400+. Again, this seems like a stupidly expensive taxi ride.

New First Class Seats Coming This Winter

Let’s leave that expensive Charles-de-Gaulle news behind us and focus on the probably best part of this newsreel. Air France is finally updating its first-class seats – and quite soon! The airline plans to introduce a new La Première cabin this winter. While there are still no images and only a few details available, Air France does state that the new cabin is setting a new standard in length and that this cabin will boast the longest configuration on the market, offering five windows to passengers. Furthermore, each passenger in this 1-1-1 cabin will get a seat, a chaise longue, and a bed. Air France also states that it expects to expand its La Première presence to more planes and destinations.

Currently, Air France has a first-class installed in 19 Boeing 777-300ERs, which fly to the following destinations:

  • Abidjan
  • Dubai
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York-JFK
  • San Francisco
  • Sao Paulo
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo-Haneda
  • Washington DC


While it’s always exciting when an airline announces newer seats, Air France has overshadowed this announcement with the introduction of a lot of unnecessary and unbelievably expensive services at its main hub in Paris. I don’t expect any regular passenger to ever use any of these services. The suite seems to be for VIPs requiring absolute privacy, and the concierge service seems to be for people who have no idea what they’re doing.

Regarding the new seats – we’ll be awaiting the first images and look forward to its introduction this winter. The fact that it will be installed on more planes is also a positive. Now we only need some good La Première dealz to be really happy. It’s about time anyway, as the last one was over 3 years ago.

Source: Air France

Cover Picture: © Christophe Leroux Air France

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  1. Than Dihn says:

    Maybe some people cant stand or tolerate their spouse for very long periods; hence, the 1 1 1 configuration. Solitude is wonderful

  2. northbear says:

    Really 1-1-1? How stupid is that? So, of you Travel together have fun alone? Great.
    And some people are saying, Lufthansa is not innovative with their new middle first seat…

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