In May 2024: Vancouver To Be the First Destination for Lufthansa’s Allegris Cabin

Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Sitze

We had almost forgotten in the meantime: When Lufthansa presented the first images of the new business class in 2017, it was announced that it would be operational on the Boeing 777X from 2020. However, not only did Boeing’s aircraft experience significant delays but there was also a long period of silence regarding the new Lufthansa cabin.

Now, the product is actually ready to launch. Following the Allegris concept, a new economy, premium economy, and (later in the year) first class will also be introduced. Speculations and information about what guests can expect have been circulating almost monthly.

Now, things are getting exciting again. Lufthansa has announced today on which routes the new cabin will first be available. And there is also a more concrete start date: May 2024.

First Destination: Vancouver

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Allegris seat plan is not yet loaded on any flights, even though it recently appeared online for the first time. Lufthansa itself is not entirely sure yet on which flights the new cabin will be available and where it won’t.

What is clear, however, is that the first A350 with the Allegris cabin is scheduled to fly on the Munich-Vancouver route in May 2024. These will be flight numbers LH476 / LH477. If initially there’s only one aircraft with Allegris, it likely means that the new business class will be available on a maximum of every second flight. So, it’s a bit of a gamble. Passengers should be prepared for the old cabin, and with luck, they might end up in the new one.

Initially, during the introductory phase, all 5 or 7 seat types in the business class (depending on the counting method) can be selected for free. Even the suites with doors can be experienced for free by a few lucky passengers:

During the introductory phase, Business Class passengers can choose their preferred seat for free – whether it’s the Business Class Suite, Extra Space Seat, Extra Long Bed, Privacy Seat, or Classic Seat (if available).


No Certainty As of Now

The second route with the Allegris cabin will be Munich ↔ Toronto starting in late summer 2024, with flight numbers LH494 & LH495.

Once a larger number of aircraft with the new cabin is in operation, Lufthansa will introduce fees for seat reservations, as announced.

Originally, there was talk of 7 seat types (see seat plan below), but now Lufthansa only mentions five. Presumably, the following will be free:

  • Standard seats on the aisle (No. 7 in the graphic)
  • Double seats on the aisle (No. 6 in the graphic)
  • Standard seats by the window (No. 3 in the graphic), but not entirely clear yet

Payment (possibly with exceptions for status customers) will be required for:

  • Suites at the bulkhead with a sliding door (1)
  • Privacy window seats (5)
  • Seats with a long bed (4)
  • Extra Space Seats, i.e., throne seats in the middle of the cabin (2)
Lufthansa Allegris Business Seat Types
The different seat types (© Lufthansa; labeled by us)

Impressions of the Allegris cabin

We will try to provide you with a review of the new Allegris cabin shortly after its introduction. Until then, you can explore some initial impressions.

Translated by Ditmar

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