Miles+Bonus: Big Changes to Status Thresholds – for Those not Flying Aegean

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 Neo

Miles+Bonus is Aegean Airlines‘ frequent flyer program – and one of the most attractive programs to get the coveted Star Alliance Gold status. Now the program has a significant increase in status thresholds. And at first glance, it’s tough: It’s going to be up to 192% (!) more difficult than before to keep gold status.

However, this only affects those who do not fly at least four times a year with Aegean or Olympic. So if you fly to Greece once or twice a year anyway, nothing changes.

New Status Thresholds from June 1, 2023

The latest changes are already communicated on the website. You can either find them in this overview article or on the subpage for Gold or Silver status.

We have summarized all changes in the following table:

StatusThreshold until May 31, 2023Threshold from June 01, 2023
Blue → Silver2 flights with Aegean + 12,000 miles
24,000 miles
2 flights with Aegean + 12,000 miles
35,000 miles
Requalification Silver2 flights with Aegean + 8,000 miles
16,000 miles
2 flights with Aegean + 8,000 miles
35,000 miles
Silver → Gold4 flights with Aegean + 24,000 miles
48,000 miles
4 flights with Aegean + 24,000 miles
70,000 miles
Requalification Gold4 flights with Aegean + 12,000 miles
24,000 miles
4 flights with Aegean + 12,000 miles
70,000 miles
Flights with Aegean Airlines also include flights with the subsidiary Olympic Airlines

Up until now, it has been extremely easy to maintain Gold status with Miles+Bonus. All it took was four segments on Aegean or Olympic Air along with 12,000 miles on any Star Alliance flight – or 24,000 miles regardless of which airline you fly with. The latter hurdle has now been raised from 24,000 to 70,000 miles – a very drastic step.


The program suddenly becomes unattractive to anyone who is not willing to fly Aegean at least four times a year. This is definitely bad news, but not a clear deal-breaker.

To give you an example, a round trip such as Munich – Thessaloniki – Rome for less than €200 is enough to get the necessary segments in and a return flight in Lufthansa’s premium economy is sufficient for the remaining 12,000 miles.

Source: Running with Miles

Cover Picture: © Aegean Airlines

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  1. Peter says:

    A3 is ok in the air esp in C.
    Their hotline for GOLD used to be great. Very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately for some time they have become next to useless.
    Latest mess: any family member over the age of 12 (yes twelve) must authorise all changes to their Miles account. Yes sir after school please ask your child to call us to use the upgrade coupon.
    No words….

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