Distance Calculator between Airports in Miles & Kilometers

The distance between two airports is not only important for earning miles, but also for receiving compensation within the framework of EU air passenger rights. Our calculator tool will help you find out: Whether you are trying to win a bet, gather mileage, collect compensation or plain curiosity – we got you covered.

Simply enter the IATA codes of the departure (layover) and destination airports, and we will provide you with the distance in miles and kilometres:

Note regarding compensation according to air passenger rights: The direct distance between the departure and destination locations always counts, without considering layovers. In this case, you should not include layover airports.


For many frequent flyer programs, you can calculate the expected mileage credit directly using our mileage calculator.

Input Format

To quickly and easily calculate the distance for multiple flights, you need to enter the route using IATA codes connected with a hyphen (-). AMS-LHR calculates the distance between Amsterdam AMS and London-Heathrow LHR. If you are flying on to San Francisco, simply append SFO: AMS-LHR-SFO

If you are not particularly familiar with IATA codes, you can also search for an airport at any time. Simply enter @ followed by the name or city, e.g., @New York, and suitable airport codes will be suggested. Press Enter or click on the suggestion to adopt the code.


You can separate multiple routes with a comma, e.g., AMS-LHR,MAN-LHR or enter one route per line.



We calculate the distance between two airports not based on the actual flight route but using the geodesic method. This is the shortest line between two points on a sphere, in this case, the Earth. However, the Earth is not a perfect sphere, so we use an average radius of 6,371 kilometres as the Earth’s radius.

We provide the result precisely to the mile. From this, we also calculate the value in kilometres. Therefore, there may be a deviation from the direct calculation in kilometres.

Our values often do not completely match the calculation of bonus programs down to the last two digits. This is mainly because there are different average values for the Earth’s radius, and rounding is done differently.

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