Unofficial Tier Points & Avios Calculator – British Airways Executive Club

The British Airways Executive Club is an attractive frequent flyer program in the Oneworld alliance. The tier points (status points) are credited depending on the booking and travel class, as well as the distance. British Airways, however, did not publish anywhere, how the points are calculated exactly.

You can only check individual routes on the Avios calculator, which can be quite tedious if you have a large number of segments. This is why we’ve built this unofficial tier points calculator, where you can enter multiple segments at once:


We do not guarantee that our calculation is correct, and we have no official connection to neither British Airways nor the Executive Club. You should view the result as a rough estimate and should always check the result in the official calculator.

Should you find an error, please send an email to with your routing.

Please use the following format to enter your routes:

Airline:booking class:flight segment(s)
  • Airline: IATA code of the marketing airline, e.g. BA for British Airways
  • Booking class: booking class of the flights, e.g. T
  • Flight segment(s): IATA codes of the airports, separated by a hyphen, e.g. FRA-LHR-HKG for a oneway flight and FRA-LHR-HKG-LHR-FRA for a roundtrip from Frankfurt to Hong Kong via London-Heathrow.

How Tier Points are Calculated

Basically, tier points are credited according to the booking class, travel class (economy, premium economy, business, first), the fare (lowest, low, cheapest, flexible), and the distance. The exact number of points that you’ll get for each travel class and fare is different for each airline.

Tier points for British Airways- & Oneworld flights depending on the travel class, fare, and distance (without exceptions)


There are, however, exceptions for some flights, where you’ll receive a higher (yay!) or lower (oh no!) number of tier points than you’d usually get for a certain distance:

in Spain
British Airways
under 2,000 miles
British Airways
over 2,000 miles
Economylowest5 = 55 → 1030 → 10
Economylower10 → 510 → 2060 → 20
Economyflexible20 → 1020 → 40120 → 40
Businesscheapest40 → 2040 → 80140 → 80
Businessflexible40 → 2040 → 80140 → 80

Domestic Flights in Spain With Iberia

For domestic flights in Spain, most booking classes (except Economy lowest) will only give half the usual number of tier points. Even on rather long flights, e.g. to the Canary Islands.

European Flights Under 2,000 Miles With Double Tier Points

For select British Airways flights between Great Britain and long short-haul destinations under 2,000 miles in the Mediterranean, Madeira, Canary Islands, Moscow, Helsinki, and Iceland, you’ll get double tier points.

Routes under 2,000 miles with double tier points – from London Heathrow
Routes under 2,000 miles with double tier points – from London Gatwick

On the following routes, you’ll also get double tier points:

Other BA European routes with double tier points even though below 2,000 miles

Furthermore, there are some exceptions on British Airways & Finnair flights between Helsinki and London-Heathrow, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Here’ you’ll also get the double number of tier points:

Double tier points on flights between Helsinki and Great Britain

While it isn’t an exception to any of the rules, it’s still worth mentioning that there is an inner European nonstop service worth 140 TP one way and 280 TP round trip. A Finnair business class ticket from Helsinki to Lisbon does the trick.

Routes Over 2,000 Miles With Less Tier Points

There are also some British Airways destinations that are actually over the magical 2,000 miles limit, but nevertheless get you a lower number of tier points:

  • Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Amman, Jordan
Less tier points despite a distance of over 2,000 miles

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