Marriott Bonvoy: 1,500 Bonus Points/Stay + 3,000 Bonus Points at All-Inclusive by Marriott

Marriott Madrid Auditorium Suite

Marriott Bonvoy (formerly Marriott Rewards) has started a new promotion that will get you bonus points for every stay between September 14 and December 12, 2021. Each stay at a Marriott Hotel will be rewarded with an additional bonus of 1,500 points. If you stay at an All-Inclusive by Marriott Resorts, you’ll even get 3,000 points.

To benefit from this promotion, you’ll need to sign up here before your first stay – no matter when you made your booking:

A stay is one or more consecutive nights at the same Marriott property. In some cities it’s possible to spend the first night in a hotel, switch to a different Marriott hotel for the second night and spend your final night at the same hotel you’ve spent the first.

Marriott Bonvoy credits the points only to one room. If you book multiple rooms in the same booking, you’ll still receive a one time bonus of 1,500 for that stay.

The points for All-Inclusive Resorts will be credited six weeks after the promotion ends on November 28, 2021. All other bonus points should be credited within 7 days of the end of your stay.

You can find the terms & conditions here.

Important: Book Directly with Marriott

It is crucial that you book your room directly on Marriott’s website. Stays booked via, Expedia or other portals are not eligible for bonus points.

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