Entebbe, Uganda: €327 From France With Turkish Airlines (incl. Luggage)

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Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is currently selling very cheap tickets from all French airports that they fly to, to Entebbe. Turkish Airline’s economy class is one of the best, allowing you to enjoy hot meals on all flights and a generous baggage allowance of 30 kg. Only flights from Paris and Bordeaux cost €30 more.

Here’s a list of all airports in France that we’ve found nicely priced flights from:

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This is an example of a great price with great flight times.

From France, you would fly to the new Istanbul airport. You would then fly to Kigali for almost 7 hours on a Boeing 737, where you’ll stay in the plane while it refuels and some passengers get on/off. After that quick stop, you’d fly another hour to Entebbe. On the way back, you’d fly directly from Entebbe to Istanbul without any stops.

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This flight has to be booked by October 11, 2020 and has to depart from France between September 2020 and March 31st, 2021 (except during the Christmas holidays). Your stay may also not exceed the duration of one month. But then there are no minimum stay requirements, if you’re up to a short trip.

You should use Google Flights (instructions) to find available dates. We’ve added a maximum of 24 hours as a filter so that Google Flights doesn’t show you trips where you stay a whole day and night in Istanbul. Maybe, however, this is something that you might want to do, to explore the Turkish capital. In that case, just eliminate the filter. This would not cost you extra. On the contrary, it would increase the number of available dates.

Once you’ve found the dates you’d like to fly on, you should book directly on turkishairlines.com. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we recommend that you book for as late as possible.


All tickets are issued in booking class W, which only gives miles on Turkish Airlines’ own Miles&Smiles program. For a Marseille – Entebbe roundtrip, you would roughly get 2,000 miles.

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