Vancouver: Free Prepaid Mastercard for Stays until March 2024 = Hotels with up to 49% Discount

Vancouver, Kanada

Vancouver on Canada‘s west coast is always worth a trip! Unfortunately, the city is no longer a dark horse – and so the hotels are extremely expensive, especially in summer. If you want to save money, visit the city in the off-season.

A deal by the local hotel association makes such a visit even cheaper. Anyone staying in one of 40 selected hotels by the end of March 2024 will receive a prepaid Mastercard worth up to CA$250 (~€171). You can then use this card to pay your room bill. In this way, you can book hotels in the city up to 49% cheaper than through other sites.

You can book easily using the following link. Make sure that the Mastercard is really mentioned:

Apparently, a booking via the portal is considered a direct booking at the hotel. So it should be possible to use the usual status benefits at Hilton, IHG, … and earn points.

Use the Mastercard to Pay the Hotel Bill

With the Mastercard, you can of course go on a shopping tour and pay for your souvenirs, and restaurant visits, …. However, it is much easier to simply use the card to pay the hotel bill.

The fact that this works was also confirmed to us by email. According to a report by the Canadian blog Prince of Travel, employees often suggest this themselves:

These gift cards will be delivered upon check-in. In my experience, the check-in staff will often ask whether you’d simply like to skip the physical gift card itself and simply use the amount to offset against your room charge, so you can think of the gift card as essentially a straight-up discount against the nightly rate.

Prince of Travel


You will receive a prepaid Mastercard worth a total of CAD 150 / 200 / 250 for all stays of at least 2 nights

The following restrictions must be observed:

  • Travel period: Until March 31, 2024
  • If you book several consecutive stays, this only counts as one stay
  • The prepaid Mastercard will be given to you at check-in
  • The offer can be withdrawn at any time
  • Bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival
  • Each person may take advantage of the offer for a maximum of 3 times

This is How it Works

If you book on the landing page linked above, the offer code is entered automatically. If this is not the case, you can manually enter the code Mastercard in the left field of the search form:

As soon as you have decided on a date and clicked on Book Now, all hotels will be listed together with the amount of the voucher:

Note that prices (as is usual in North America) are displayed exclusive of taxes & fees. Only after the room has been selected are taxes and other fees such as resort fees, facility fees, etc. added up:


We picked out a few example prices and compared them with the cheapest price from Trivago. All prices include all taxes & fees:

    • Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown (e.g. February 12-14, 2024)
      • Price: CAD356 – CAD150 Mastercard = CA$206 (~€141) for 2 nights
      • The cheapest price on Trivago: €277
      • Savings: 49%
    • 58 m² suite at the Carmana Hotel & Suites (e.g. March 4-6, 2024)
      • Price: CA$529 (~€361) – CAD200 Mastercard = CA$329 (~€225) for 2 nights
      • The cheapest price on Trivago: €361
      • Savings: 37%
    • Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront (e.g. March 4-6, 2024)
      • Price: CAD621 – CAD200 Mastercard = CA$421 (~€287) for 2 nights
      • The cheapest price on Trivago: €398
      • Savings: 27%
    • The Listel Hotel Vancouver (e.g. February 19-21, 2024):
      • Price: CAD524 – CAD200 Mastercard = CA$324 (~€221) for 2 nights
      • The cheapest price on Trivago: €300
      • Savings: 26%
    • Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel (z.B. 4. bis 6. März 2024):
      • Preis: CAD740 – CAD250 Mastercard = CA$490 (~€335) for 2 nights
      • The cheapest price on Trivago: €404
      • Savings: 17%

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  1. Christian says:

    Die Aktion scheint leider vorbei zu sein. Aktuell gibt es nur $25 Starbucks, Amazon, Apple… giftcards

  2. Catherine says:

    Can I use the Mastercard $75 credit to offset my hotel bill payment at check-in?

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