LOT Unveils New Business Class – Deployment Not Before 2026

Neue Lot Business Class 787

The Polish Star Alliance member, LOT, is set to modernize the cabin of its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners in the coming years. Details of this project were recently announced, in collaboration with the German seat manufacturer Recaro.

For the business class, the Recaro CL6720 seat has been selected. Instead of the previous 2-2-2 configuration, there will be a 1-2-1 layout, meaning no one will need to climb over their seatmates. LOT is adjusting the seat, including adding an optional door for extra privacy.

The premium economy and economy class will also receive new seats. However, it will be several years before passengers can experience these new seats: the first aircraft is scheduled to receive the new cabin in the third quarter of 2026, with the retrofitting process continuing until 2030.

It’s worth noting that this contract only applies to LOT’s eight Boeing 787-8 aircraft. The fate of the larger Boeing 787-9s in the LOT fleet is undecided.

The New Business Class

LOT appears to be working on a new brand image as part of this cabin retrofit. The new cabin predominantly features a dark colour scheme with copper accents, which looks quite elegant in the pictures.

Neue Lot Business Class 787
The new LOT business class in the Dreamliner (© Recaro)

The Recaro CL6720 used in business class is relatively new on the market but not entirely unfamiliar. It’s already installed in the new business class cabins of Air China (without doors) and Iberia (with doors). On paper, it offers all the features of a modern seat:

  • 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access
  • High privacy with lockable doors
  • An inductive charging pad for smartphones
  • A 16-inch 4K-resolution screen

You can find more photos of the new seat on websites like Airliners.de.

I recently flew on this seat with Iberia and wasn’t entirely convinced about its sleeping comfort and build quality, but I’ll provide more details in a review on Sunday. However, compared to LOT’s current business class, the new seat is undoubtedly a step forward.

LOT Business Class Boeing 787 Dreamliner
The current LOT business class in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (© LOT Polish Airlines)

New Seats for Premium Economy & Economy as Well

LOT has also chosen new seats from Recaro’s range for premium economy and economy class. In premium economy, the PL3530 seat will be used in a typical 2-3-2 arrangement. The same seat is installed by airlines like Vistara, Air China, China Southern, and Emirates (with various customizations), with power outlets and USB charging ports at each seat.

This is not a shell seat, meaning the seatback reclines like a typical seat. However, the padding appears significantly thinner than before:

Neue LOT Premium Economy 787
The new premium economy in the 787 Dreamliner (© Recaro)

In economy class, there’s a seat called the CL3810. The same seats are chosen by airlines like Qatar Airways, Lufthansa (Boeing 747-8I), and Swiss (Airbus A330) for their long-haul flights. Ultimately, seat comfort depends mainly on width (rather narrow on the Dreamliner) and seat pitch.

Neue LOT Economy 787
The new economy class in the 787 Dreamliner (© Recaro)


It was about time that LOT started thinking about how to modernize its aircraft. Now that the decision has been made, and Recaro has received a major order, a lot will change, especially in business class.

However, it’s a bit ludicrous that the new seats are being announced nearly three years before their initial deployment. This also means passengers will have to make do with the current business class, without any privacy, for at least 3 years and potentially up to 7 years.

Source: Recaro

Translated by Ditmar

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