Buy a 2-Year Finnair Gold Status = Oneworld Sapphire for €1,298

Finnair Airbus A350

Finnair Plus is currently selling its award points with a bonus of up to 100%. Additionally, you get another 25% of the total points (incl. bonus) as status points. You need 80,000 status points for the Finnair Plus Gold status = Oneworld Sapphire. In theory, you could thus buy the status for €1,298 without ever having been on a plane. Ideally, your status would remain valid until December 31, 2023 = 2 full years.

Sadly, you can only buy a maximum of 200,000 award points + bonus at Finnair Plus per year. To get 80,000 status points for Finnair Plus Gold = Oneworld Sapphire status, you have to buy 160,000 + 160,000 = 320,000 award points = 80,000 tier points at a price of €2,060 and you can use the 320,000 reward points for nice sweet spots:

However, if you only focus on the status, you can get the whole thing even cheaper:

€1,288 Purchase Price + €10 Service Fee

At Finnair Plus, you can convert award points at a ratio of 3: 1 into status points, however, only max. half of the required status points (40,000 of 80,000 for Finnair Plus Gold).

If you buy 100,000 award points + 80,000 bonus award points = 180,000 award points for €1,287.50, you will receive 40,000 status points as a bonus. For the remaining 40,000 status points, you have to convert 120,000 of your freshly purchased award points into 40,000 status points. A service fee of €10 is charged online = €1,297.50 total price. Afterward, you’ll even have 60,000 award points left.

Status Validity

The status is then valid for at least 12 and at most 25 months. The decisive factor is the date at which you joined Finnair Plus.

If you create your Finnair Plus account in December, your year would end on December 31, 2022, and you get to keep your status until December 31, 2023.

If you’re already a member and your personal membership year ends on January 31, 2022, your status would sadly only be valid until January 31, 2023.


Even if status benefits aren’t worth much during this current worldwide situation, it is still an attractive offer, which one could consider. Finnair Plus is an attractive program and you can use the remaining award points for some sweet spots, when traveling is possible once again. However, you should be aware that there’s also always a danger of points devaluation.

Cover Picture: © John_H (Pixabay)

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