TAP: Double Status Miles for Flights until September Booked in July

TAP Portugal A330

Star Alliance member TAP Air Portugal offers double status miles for TAP flights flown until September 30, booked until July 31, 2022. It’s important to note that Miles+Cash bookings (for example, using the €10-€20 discount when booking for the first time) do not qualify for double status miles.

tp status miles 2
TAP Air Portugal offers double status miles for TAP flights flown by September, booked by July.

TAP gives status and bonus miles after each flight depending on the fare class and the distance flown. You can see the estimated miles earned when booking a trip on TAP’s website. Status bonuses do not count into the promotion. The extra miles will be added together with the standard earnings at max ten working days after the flights.

TAP Miles & Go Program

TAP has two elite status levels: Silver (equals to Star Alliance Silver), and Gold (Star Alliance Gold). To reach Silver, you need 30,000 status miles or 25 TAP flights. To maintain it, you’ll need 20,000 status miles or 15 flights. To reach Gold, you’ll either need to collect 70,000 status miles or fly TAP 50 times. Maintaining it requires 50,000 status miles or 40 TAP flights.

As mentioned above, TAP calculates your earnings by multiplying the flown miles by the percentage of your fare. This image shows you what percentage yan you count with for each fare.

tp mile earnings
TAP miles earning per fare

TAP Gold will get you the following benefits:

  • Additional Free Bags (20kg or an additional checked bag). Some light fares are excluded.
  • Priority check-in
  • Lounge access for you and a guest
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Waiting list priority
  • On Tap Flights:
    • 50% mileage bonus
    • Discount for someone travelling with you
    • Free same-day-changes on LIS ↔ FNC, LIS ↔ OPO, and LIS ↔ MAD (except light fares)
    • Free EconomyXtra seat selection (more legroom)

Silver would get you fewer advantages, but could be interesting if you only fly TAP:

  • Waiting list priority
  • On TAP flights:
    • Exclusive customer service
    • 25% mileage bonus
    • Priority check-in
    • Limited lounge access
    • Standard seat reservation
    • Priority boarding and fast track at some airports

Current TAP Deals

Below, you can find our active TAP deals. Please note, that some are not active in/before September. We recommend booking on TAP’s website, which will show you your estimated earnings. You will then have to double it to see how many status miles can you earn.

For example, our Chicago deal (from Dublin) would normally get you 15,066 miles. With the promotion, it doubles to 30,132 status miles – enough for an instant Silver status.

Alternatively, you can get a TAP elite status by matching your frequent flyer program. You can find details below:

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  1. DO says:

    Last year someone told me that he couldn’t get in the lounge with his TAP FFP because they apparently didn’t pay the bill. Seems like a possible scenario to me. This airline is just such bad news. I’ve had many shitty experiences with them and now even starting my first legal action to get delay compensation from them since they just do not answer at all.
    My advice: just stay away from them, no matter how attractive their promos seem.

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